Astralis to launch soft drinks line with Royal Unibrew

28 January 2020


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Astralis has established a partnership with Danish brewery Royal Unibrew.

The deal will see Astralis have its own line of soft drinks in collaboration with Royal Unibrew brand CULT.

Astralis Royal Unibrew CULT
Logo credits: Astralis, Royal Unibrew

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The partnership is specifically aimed at the Nordic market and is said to include both a commercial sponsorship and royalties. The cans and the “physical and digital universe” built around the products will feature Astralis’ branding and promote high performance.

Jakob Lund Kristensen, CCO and Co-founder of Astralis Group, discussed the deal in a release: “The Astralis brand has been built around performance, personality and creating great experiences for fans of all kinds. Until now, we have focused our resources upon the development of our digital products and merchandise, and the cooperation with Royal Unibrew around a range of new soft drink products will give us an additional dimension to the business and in our ongoing dialogue with fans.”

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Astralis will receive a cut of the revenue generated from the sale of each unit that’s part of its co-branded product line. Two products are slated for release this spring, both of which are said to have been co-developed by the players themselves.

Lise Tjell, Marketing Manager at Royal Unibrew, also commented: “The energy and drive in the team make the Astralis brand a perfect match for CULT, and the dialogue we’ve had with Astralis Group confirms our impression of a strong organization in a very interesting market potential.”

Esports Insider says: If Astralis is popular enough to sell soft drinks then what can’t it do? This is an interesting deal to say the least, especially considering it’s multi-faceted, so we’re intrigued to see what comes of it in the coming weeks and months. We’ve seen CULT in CS:GO before through a deal with Heroic but this seems on a whole other level.

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