Fnatic and Esports Charts join forces for 2020

28 January 2020


London-based organisation Fnatic has renewed its partnership with analytical agency Esports Charts.

As part of the deal, Fnatic will be provided with insights into viewership analytics for its own teams and its competitors.

Esports Charts Fnatic
Image credit: Esports Charts

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Ihor Kryvych, Co-founder of Esports Charts, commented on the renewal: “Fnatic is a great example of an organization that consciously approaches the issue of building brand awareness and understands the importance of the analytical component when working with a large-scale audience.

“This approach helps the company to correctly prioritize and make business decisions based on high-quality analytics provided by Esports Charts on top of its own massive experience. It’s a huge pleasure to work with professionals and the Fnatic team is the best representative example.”

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Fnatic isn’t the only organisation that’s entered such a cooperation with Esports Charts, Team Liquid announced its own partnership with the agency at the start of this year, joining TSM and tournament organiser StarLadder.

Craig Santicchia, Partner Development Director for Fnatic, also discussed the deal: “Data is at the heart of what we do, to make commercial decisions, provide feedback and measure value. ESC provides us with accurate viewership data that allow us to reach our goals and report back to our partners value they’re receiving from their assets.”

Esports Insider says: With questionable viewing figures often thrown around in esports, having organisations work with those crunching the numbers to give hard data is a positive step. This is mutually beneficial and any analysis drawn from it will hopefully benefit the viewers in the long-term.

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