Hitmarker releases data for esports jobs in 2019

20 January 2020


UK-based esports job platform Hitmarker has released an infographic detailing the state of esports jobs in 2019.

Comparing data gathered in 2018 to that obtained in 2019, Hitmarker provides insight into the growth of opportunities in the industry.

Esports Jobs in 2019 Hitmarker
Image credit: Hitmarker

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The amount of junior (one-to-two years of experience) and intermediate (two-to-five years of experience) roles were down 19.72 percent and 0.80 percent respectively year-on-year, though there were 11.36 percent more senior (over five years) roles posted on the platform in 2019.

A contentious aspect of the jobs landscape, especially in esports, is the amount of unpaid work that’s posted. In 2018, 77.87 percent of the jobs posted were paid, whereas 88.01 percent of roles on the platform in 2019 were paid opportunities. That’s an increase of 10.14 percent.

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In terms of where opportunities came from in 2019, the United States of America was home to 56.36 percent of all job roles that were posted. Remote work was in second place with 15.25 percent of the total figure, a dramatic 12.45 percent decline from 2018.

The United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany rounded out the top five countries in terms of opportunities in 2019 with 6.14 percent, 4.26 percent, and 3.85 percent respectively. For more information from 2019, you can click on the image above to see the infographic in full.

Esports Insider says: The statistics and data presented by Hitmarker in this infographic provide a lot of potential insights. The increase of paid work year-on-year is great to see and indicates a positive trend that’s emerging in the industry.

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