Newbee announces partnership with Newzoo

01 January 2020


Chinese organisation Newbee has announced a partnership with games and esports analytics provider Newzoo.

As part of the deal, the partners plan to collaboratively develop esports data research.

Newzoo Newbee
Logo credits: Newzoo, Newbee

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Xin Tong, CEO of Newbee commented on the partnership in a release: “Newzoo has a very high level of accomplishment in esports market research and data analysis. The partnership can help Newbee to get more data analytic supports in the future. As one of the top professional esports clubs in the world, Newbee will also utilise its experiences and insights to help Newzoo get more achievements in esports market and data research.”

Newbee is also partnered with the likes of Sennheiser, Secretlab, Intel, NVIDIA, RAYBET, Bank of Shanghai, and Li-Ning.

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Throughout 2019, Newzoo announced a host of partnerships in a similar vein, covering different regions and titles. Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pyjamas, DetonatioN Gaming, and Astralis Group – the parent company of Astralis, Origen, and Future FC – all entered deals with the agency last year.

Esports Insider says: With the help from Chinese professional esports clubs, Newzoo has the opportunity to deeply understand the local esports market and that has a host of potential benefits. We don’t know the full extent of this collaboration but if it helps to produce more accurate market estimations and valuations then it’s a beneficial deal for the entire industry.

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