Gfinity partners with Bidstack and Venatus for revenue-building

25 March 2020


Gfinity has partnered with Bidstack and Venatus Media in an effort to drive additional revenue from its platforms.

In-game advertising company Bidstack and advertising technology platform Venatus Media will sell advertising space on Gfinity’s platforms, including Gfinity Esports and RealSport101.

Gfinity Bidstack Venatus Media
Photo credit: Gfinity

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Bidstack and Venatus Media will look to connect publishers and large brands with Gfinity’s platforms, offering “programmatic advertising, bespoke video and audio-based promotions and brand site takeovers.”

John Clarke, CEO of Gfinity, discussed the partnership in a release: “The demand for gaming related content has never been greater and gamers are choosing to visit Gfinity sites en-masse. This is creating increased commercial opportunities. Through partnering with industry leaders Bidstack and Venatus, we have the ability to connect our growing audience with leading publishers and brands, paving the way for our Gfinity Community to deliver substantial, consistent and incremental revenue growth for the Company.

“We are excited to be partnering with Bidstack and Venatus and look forward to working with them to deliver unique esports solutions for our partners.”

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According to a release, Gfinity Esports is nearing 7,000,000 website views in March and RealSport101 reached almost 9,000,000 website views in February 2020. Gfinity has also launched Stealth Optional, a publication dedicated to technology news, reviews, and features. That too is included in the partnership.

Francesco Petruzzelli, CTO of Bidstack, also spoke on the deal: “We are delighted to have partnered with Gfinity and Venatus on this, who are leading names in advertising and esports respectively. We have been working towards creating new touch points for our clients for some time and this partnership opens the door to a growing, diverse and highly engaged audience. We look forward to building on this strategic partnership to deliver the best experience possible for gamers and for our clients.”

Esports Insider says: While some people may not be the biggest fan of the content that the platforms included in the deal publish, there’s no denying that, combined, there’s a significant audience to monetise. Bidstack and Venatus seem like good choices to give it a go.

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