LLA extends Barracks.GG partnership through 2020

Riot Games’ Liga Latinoamérica (LLA), the premier Latin American League of Legends competition, has extended its partnership with Barracks.GG through 2020.

Barracks.GG is an esports training platform designed to help League of Legends players improve their skills. The company provides sponsored statistics to the LLA for use in the league’s official broadcast.

LLA extends Barracks.GG partnership through 2020
Image credit: LLA

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A partnership extension with Barracks.GG is only the latest in a line of viewer-focused changes that the league has implemented in recent months.

In September 2019, the LLA revealed plans to move from Santiago, Chile to Mexico City in 2020, after agreeing on a deal with Mexican television network Azteca Deportes. The move saw Riot Games merge the former leagues Latin America North and Latin America South into a single competition. Since then, the league has also unveiled a new brand identity, which aims to rekindle audience interest following the merging of the two leagues.

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Pablo Díaz-Muñoz, CEO of Barracks.GG, shed more light on the extension, stating that it “aims to contribute to professionalising the esports scene in Latin America, with the implementation of data and tools, which allow the esports audience to feel [a] greater [sense of] attachment and belonging during the transmission of the league, and its subsequent analysis. We aspire to continue growing and [hope] that our contribution develops value to the industry.”

Barracks.GG provides the LLA with statistics such as gold difference, KDA (Kills, Deaths, and Assists), player activity heat maps, and more. The data is used both during broadcasts and during post-game analysis.

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Miguel Oyamburu, Broadcast Specialist at Riot Games for Latin America, spoke on the benefits of the platform: “Having the Barracks’ service places us at the forefront of live statistics worldwide. They are an ally that allows us to be at the same level as the rest of the professional League of Legends leagues.”

Esports Insider says: Detailed live statistics are now a crucial part of any high-level, professional esports broadcast. A continuation of the LLA’s partnership with Barracks.GG seems to be in the best interest of all parties and should make life easier for the LLA.

Note: The quotes in this article have been translated from Spanish.

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