EVOS Esports partners with Lazada Indonesia

Southeast Asian organisation EVOS Esports has partnered with Lazada Indonesia, a domestic branch of international e-commerce group Lazada Group.

Lazada Indonesia has committed to supporting the growth of esports in the region, especially assisting in the growth of mobile gaming.

Lazada x EVOS
Photo credit: EVOS Esports

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Lazada is to support all of EVOS Esports’ activities for 12 months, including during the tournaments and events that the organisation participates in.

Hartman Harris, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of EVOS Esports, spoke on the deal in a release: “We are thrilled on the collaboration with Lazada Indonesia. EVOS Esports is the leading esports organisation that connects esports players, influencers and fans across Southeast Asia. With a total following of over 65M YouTube subscribers and 50M Instagram followers and over 350M views per month, EVOS Esports has always been interested in growing the esports eco-system and we are delighted in creating immersive experiences for the esports community together with Lazada Indonesia. 

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After departing AirAsia Esports, Allan Phang joined EVOS Esports as its Regional Head of Marketing & PR. In 2019, the organisation secured over £7 million across several rounds.

Monkia Rudijono, Chief Marketing Officer at Lazada Indonesia, also commented: “We are very excited about the collaboration with EVOS Esports. As a company that adapts the sophistication of Alibaba’s technology, Lazada is committed to continue in accelerating the progress of the technology-based creative economy and encouraging the talents of every individual, especially the younger generation, so that they can grow in one of the sectors that is growing rapidly, mobile gaming and esports.” 

Esports Insider says: After Newzoo research estimated that over 52 million people in Indonesia played mobile games, Lazada has entered the industry through a solid partner at a time where significant growth could be on the cards.