Astralis Group banks on three-year deal with Lunar

Astralis Group, the parent organisation of Astralis, Future FC and Origen, have established a three-year deal with banking application Lunar.

The partnership includes a branded payment card and digital content available exclusively for those who use the Lunar banking app.

Astralis Group Lunar
Image credit: Astralis Group

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Whilst the exact terms of this partnership are unknown, a press release states that “the three-year deal is described as ‘of significant commercial value’ to Astralis and it makes Lunar the exclusive financial partner for Astralis Group in the Nordics.”

Jakob Lund Kristensen, CCO and Co-founder of Astralis Group, spoke on the deal in the release: “Esports appeals to a growing, global audience, and one of our strengths is our access to a generation of digital natives. Lunar’s way of rethinking banking, use of gamification and digital entertainment is very much in line with our strategy and it matches our primary target audience.”

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The exclusive content available to users on the Lunar app will include “interviews and behind-the-scenes insights from the team in a form where the future of entertainment meets the future of banking.” The deal specifically includes Astralis Group’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive brand, Astralis.

Ken Villum Klausen, CEO and Founder of Lunar, added: “In our new partnership with Astralis Group around the Astralis team we morph banking and entertainment providing a whole new experience for the fans. We do this comprehensive move to drive engagement with our users, and the Astralis partnership is a significant step in creating a financial super app and connecting with our users in new ways.”

Esports Insider says: It’s perhaps telling that Astralis Group is able to secure big deals such as this by housing unique brands for each title it competes in.. There are few companies from the financial services industry involved in esports, so Lunar is a welcome addition – especially as it’s bringing more to the ecosystem than a simple jersey sponsor.

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