PSV Esports eyes up partnership with Pearle Opticiens

PSV Esports has welcomed Pearle Opticiens, the Dutch branch of Pearle Vision, as the latest partner of the organisation.

The one-year deal will see the parties collaborate to spread awareness of the consequences of intensive screen use.

PSV Esports Pearle Opticiens
Photo credit: PSV Esports

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Throughout the partnership, Pearle will promote “preventive exercised” around the 20-20-2 rule; encouraging healthy habits when gaming. They will promote the efforts through PSV Esports’ social channels.

Frans Janssen, Commercial Director of PSV, commented on the partnership in a release: “We have partnered with Pearle because we think it is important that young people take good care of their eyes in addition to gaming. We are delighted that an A-brand like Pearle is helping us with this and using our esporters to inform gamers.”

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The organisation, which is affiliated with Dutch football club PSV Eindhoven, currently fields a roster in League of Legends and three players in the FIFA 20 Global Series.

Bas Nuytink, Marketing and Digital Director for GrandVision Benelux, added: “At Pearle, we like to give tips to keep your eyes healthy. After all, your eyes are your most precious asset. Serious eye problems often only develop at a later age, but the seeds are sown in childhood, which is why Pearle considers it important to make children and young people (and their parents) aware of the consequences of intensive screen use. Through the partnership with PSV Esports we can reach the young people at the right time.”

Esports Insider says: Given the amount of time esports players and casual gamers alike spend in front of a screen, this seems like a worthy cause. The message will need to be spread in a way that’s natural to PSV Esports’ fans, however, or it may not land.

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