T1 Entertainment & Sports invests in esports analytics startup Mobalytics

T1 Entertainment and Sports (T1) has made an investment in Mobalytics, an esports analytics startup devised to improve player performance.

The companies initial focus for the partnership is on VALORANT, with Mobalytics’ previous experience in Riot Games’ other titles likely to come in handy.

T1 Mobalytics
Credit: T1

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Joe Marsh, CEO of T1, spoke on the investment in a release: “All of our players, coaches, and teams across the T1 portfolio rely on in-game analytics, which is why we thought it was so important to invest in Mobalytics. We are especially excited to collaborate with the Mobalytics team to help build out new training programs for Valorant so we can continue to see talent develop and grow within Riot’s new title.”

Mobalytics won the TechCrunch Disrupt Battlegrounds in 2016 and has multiple partnerships with games publishers. Now, as partners of T1, Mobalytics will be expanding to all of Riot Games’ titles. According to the release, in addition to VALORANT and supporting T1’s heralded League of Legends team, Mobalytics will also do work around Legends of Runeterra and TeamFight Tactics. 

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Amine Issa, Founder of Mobalytics, also commented: “We are very excited to be working with T1 and learn from elite staff and players like Faker and Brax, and elevate the way they train. Our goal is to deliver value not only to pros and aspiring professionals, but to every player that wants to level up their game.”

T1 is the winningest team of all time in League of Legends on a global scale with three world championship titles and has put an early focus on VALORANT – hosting two tournaments and signing a roster as the game gets off the ground. With recent brand partners including Nike and BMW, the company is clearly expanding its sights right now.

Esports Insider says: Player analytics are becoming a key part of successful organisations. In new games like VALORANT, without long histories to rely on, analytics will be especially impactful. With Mobalytics focusing on each of Riot Games’ titles, T1 seeminglyy wants to dominate every game coming out of the studio regardless of genre. 

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