26 - 27 MAY 2020
#ESIDIGITAL | 14:00 - 20:00 BST | 9:00am - 3:00pm ET
A 2-day digital summit from the world leaders in esports business events
A 2-day digital summit from the world leaders in esports business events


Tired of the same old conference format and panel talks? So are we.

While we may not be able to meet and greet face to face currently, we’ve come up with the perfect solution to connect, learn and network in the digital world.

Welcome to the ESI Digital Summit (14:00-20:00 BST over 26-27th May). Our first and esports’ largest online conference event to date. We’re running two-days of enthralling content offering expert insight into a myriad of hot-topics across the industry. Whether you’re looking at the latest; brands and sponsorships, investments, betting, sports, broadcast innovations, data and more, we’re certain there’s something for you.

We’ll also be providing opportunities to connect and network with delegates from the comfort of your own home with our networking platform provided by Brella. Allowing you to set up meetings and get those key conversations going on, native to the platform or elsewhere.

As we are unable at this time to offer our usual offering of great hospitality, food, drink and atmosphere. We hope you’re still as keen as we are to come together and get involved and start talking about the industry and this important time.

Together we all make esports happen, so sit back, relax and invite us in to your homes, so we can all take the next step forward. 

ESI Digital Summit, the online industry showcase, is not one to miss. #ESIDIGITAL


ESI Digital Summit will use Brella to provide bespoke matchmaking opportunities and two streams of live content across both days of the conference.


A virtual agenda, customisable to feature your own meetings and the ability to opt into any of the myriad panels offered up across the two day event.


Two live streams chock full of industry leading content. Tune in between 14:00-19:00 for industry leading insights and discussion on developments within the esports sphere.


Brella’s advanced AI based matchmaking will ensure that you’ll have no shortage of great connections to make to take the next step with your business in these turbulent times.


Check out our virtual exhibition to meet and talk with massive companies and get their insights on our rapidly changing space.

Check out our virtual exhibition to meet and talk with massive companies and get their insights on our rapidly changing space.

14:00 - 14:05
Opening Remarks Details: Sam Cooke, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Esports Insider welcomes delegates, speakers and partners to the first ESI Digital Summit. Speakers: Sam Cooke - MD and Co-Founder - ESI
14:05 - 14:35
ESI Brand Showcase #1 - Rogue x Kia Details: The ESI Brand Showcases invite esports rights holders and select commercial partners to the stage to present on a recent, successful esports activation. The partners will shed light on how the deal came about, how they've activated successfully in the esports marketplace as well as how it has compared to similar marketing spend in more "traditional" markets.   Speakers: Anna Baumann - Managing Director & General Counsel - Rogue Sports Europe
14:35 - 15:05
Brand Showcase #2 - Fnatic and OnePlus Details: Eric and Edward will take a look at how the partnership came into being, through a shared passion for community and connecting with gamers. They will discuss the inclusion of Fnatic Mode on OnePlus devices, Nemesis and his role as an authentic ambassador and the important role ambassadors play. They will also explore the launch of the Fnatic PUBG Mobile Team in India, and further potential for teams to be added to the Fnatic Roster, as well OnePlus's commitment to creating the best experience for mobile gamers.   Speakers: Edward Gregory, Partnerships Manager, Fnatic Eric Gass, Director of Global Brand Partnerships for OnePlus
15:05 - 15:35
Brand Showcase #3 - LEC x KitKat Details: Join Riot Games and KitKat as they share how their partnership originated, what a successful activation in the esports marketplace looks like compared to more traditional markets, and how KitKat successfully pivoted to social media activation during COVID-19 Speakers: Alban Dechelotte - Head of Partnerships & Business Development - Riot Games EMEA
15:35 - 16:05
ESI & CSM Exclusive Announcement  Esports Insider and CSM will be making a live announcement that you won’t want to miss. Exclusive to the ESI Digital Summit, event attendees will be the first to know, and the first to be able to ask questions and find out more.     Speakers: Sam Cooke - MD & Co-Founder - Esports Insider James Gallagher-Powell - Corporate Strategy Director and Esports Lead - CSM Sport and Entertainment Debs Scott-Bowden - Account Director - CSM Sport and Entertainment
16:05 - 16:15
16:15 - 17:00
Records broken amidst the esports viewership boom - what's this all mean for brands? Details: With concurrent player records being broken across Steam (CS:GO, Rocket League) and viewership records being shattered across streaming platforms by the likes of ESL Pro League and more, whilst sports first properties such as F1 and NASCAR have been seeing unexpectedly high audiences across television and OTT, brands are paying more attention now than ever before.  How do esports rights holders take advantage of this new found attention and interest? Moreover, it's a sensitive time for major brands to make a big splash in a new space, and so how should they go about entering, is it a case of learning to walk before they run? Moderator James Gallagher-Powell - Corporate Strategy Director and Esports Lead - CSM Speakers: Carlos Alimurung - CEO - ONE Esports Taylor Heitzig-Rhodes, Agent, Evolved Talent Agency Julien Dupont - Head of Partnerships - Team Vitality Charlie Allen - Global Brand Partnerships - ESL Gaming   Presented by Promod
17:00 - 17:45
Back to the future - The return of online esports Details: With live events an impossibility currently, we have seen a huge shift back to the online leagues and tournaments of the past. WePlay very quickly hosted an online tournament to raise money for charity. Meanwhile ESL Pro League and FLASHPOINT have soldiered on with their seasons.  What differences does this have from offline circuits both for T.O.'s & viewers alike? And how important will the presence of online tournaments be for the industry during this unprecedented time? Moderator Heather Dower - Managing Director - Hotdrop Speakers James Dean - CEO - ESL UK Anders Blume - Creative Director - Skybox
17:45 - 18:30
Esports Investments in 2020 - Opportunity and Challenges Details: Due to the recent pandemic we may have seen a less rocky time in the esports industry as opposed to others, but one facet that has certainly been affected is the investment landscape. With many from VC's, to family funds and angel investors rocked by market downturn we explore what this means for esports businesses seeking investment. Will they need to reduce their financing aims? Or is esports now a sought after string to investors bows?    We sit down with some of the leading investment groups in the space to explore what challenges and opportunities investors and companies face over the next year.     Moderator: Michael Kogan - Managing Director - Canaccord Genuity  Speakers: Spike Laurie - Venture Director - Hiro Capital Dave Martin - Director - Esports Global  Archie Stonehill - Investor - Makers Fund Christian Christoefl - Senior Associate - Deloitte Corporate Finance
18:15 - 19:15
The Clutch Digital Details: Four esports related companies, at various stages of fundraising, will pitch live to a panel of esteemed judges and investors in the esports space. May the strong survive.  Judges Malte Barth - Founding Partner - BITKRAFT Fabio La Franca - Investment Director - Station12 David Gowans - Head of Creative Technologies, Games and Esports - Barclays David Martin - Director - Esports Global Fund Patrick Mahoney - CEO - We Are Nations Presented by Esports Global 
14:00 - 14:05
Opening RemarksDetails: Sam Cooke, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Esports Insider welcomes delegates, speakers and partners to the first ESI Digital Summit. Speakers: Sam Cooke - MD and Co-Founder - ESI
14:05 - 14:35
THINK - Esports in Japan, has a sleeping giant awoken, or merely been stirred?A talk from PlayBrain founder on the current state of play when it comes to esports in Japan, how quickly are things progressing following the governmental barriers to the industry's growth locally being lifted? which are the major titles, who are the stakeholders and what comes next? Speakers: Mike Sheetal (マイケル・シタール) - CEO - PlayBrain
14:50 - 15:35
THINK - Gathering pace: How the esports industry in South East Asia is fast gaining tractionDetails: The SEA market is undoubtedly one of the most interesting developing esports markets in the world.   According to Niko Partners, the number of PC gamers is expected to increase by over 32 million people in the next five years, whilst more than 40% of smartphone owners play mobile games. Expected revenues from PC and mobile are reported to increase up to 60% by 2023 which makes this region the fastest growing globally by this metric. It's easy to see how esports will form a part of that increased interest, spend and attention.    But looking at the here and now, how do Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand compare to the likes of China, South Korea, and the US and European markets? Why does the SEA region not hold any of the franchise slots in global franchise leagues? What does the region need to do to close the gap on the rest of the world - despite producing some top tier players?   Moderator: Allan Phang - Head of Marketing & PR - Evos Esports   Speakers: Ronald Robins - CEO - Mineski Michael Patent - President & Founder - Culture Group Terence Ting - CEO & Founder - Team Flash Crispin Tristram - VP Digital Lifestyle Services -Telekomsel
15:35 - 16:20
THINK - How integral is the development of media rights in esports to the industry at large?Details: YouTube Gaming made a big splash this year securing the exclusive rights to the Overwatch League, Call of Duty League, and other Activision Blizzard properties including Hearthstone. This sees arguably the biggest threat, or signal of intent, yet to Twitch's dominance. We've also seen DAZN secure Brazilian rights for Blast, and in general the media rights landscape across esports is gathering pace. With the likes of the Virtua F1 and eNASCAR airing on television and generating strong numbers, it's an excellent time for the rights holders in the esports space to better negotiate with broadcasters. How will this look? What do fans want, and what will they 'accept'? Moreover, how important is the development of media rights to the growth of the industry as a whole, and how may the trickle down effect positively impact teams and everyone else? Moderator: Irene Scholl-Tatevosyan, Esports & Gaming Group Lead. Nixon Peabody   Speakers: Allan Hvid - Head of Esports and Football - TV 2 SPORT Torsten Haux VP Global Media Rights
16:20 - 17:05
'The New Normal' - What's next for esports related venues of all shapes and sizes post-Quarantine?With esports live events and venues closed worldwide due to COVID-19. We take a deep dive into how venues are preparing for life in a post-quarantine world. From arenas to gaming cafes and bars, our panelists will provide insight into their businesses and their plans to welcome to welcome customers and fans in to their venues, and whether they will have to make changes to their models.    Moderator Tatiana Tacca - Director of Esports - Momentum   Speakers: Tomaso Portunato - CEO - Platform  Paige Funk - Head of Marketing - Nerd St Gamers Nikita Buffee - Business Development Manager - Allied Chi Bhatia - Senior Designer - HKS Sports & Entertainment
17:00 - 17:45
THINK - Ravens Till I Die? Can city based esports teams mirror the success of their sporting counterparts?Will Londoners take to Royal Ravens, or Parisians Eternal? Will New Yorkers embrace the Subliners, is there a Spark in Hangzhou, and will Atlantans Faze Up? With big money city based leagues in not one but two Activision Blizzard titles (Overwatch and Call of Duty) how are teams the league operators creating and moulding local fanbases? Moreover, how successful can this model be, what are the challenges and how closely should it follow sports?   Moderator: Kirsty Endfield - Founder and CEO - Swipe Right PR   Speakers: Herb May - Director of Corporate Partnerships - Houston Outlaws Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau - World’s No.1 Esports Consultant  Chester King - Co-Owner - London Royal Ravens  
17:05 - 17:15
17:45 - 18:30
THINK - Keeping Match Fit - Nutrition and well-being in esports - how important is it?It's no longer a surprise seeing top tier esports orgs employing a team of psychologists, chefs and nurtitionists for their pro teams. We've seen how important these roles have been across traditional sports, with most professionals kept to a strict diet. The same can be said for esports, though pro-players may not be exerting themselves as physically as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lebron James, they must ensure they in the right mindset for peak performance. This panel will explore the tactics and importance of keeping professional player healthy and how it impacts their ability overall.     Moderator: Adam Fitch - Editor - Esports Insider     Speakers: Skyler Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder, CTRL Ryan Scollan - CEO - G-Science Taylor Johnson MS - Chief Performance Engineer - Statespace Labs
18:30 - 19:00
How to transform challenges into opportunities - WePlay! Esports case studyDetails: Oleh and Anton will share insights on how creativity and adaptability helped WePlay! Esports to continue impress the community with high-quality tournaments and media content despite the lockdown.   The speakers will present case studies featuring charity marathon WeSave! Charity Play and WePlay! Pushka League Season 1. Join the discussion on how to organise a Tier 1 Dota 2 event in 7 days from scratch or how to make an outstanding tournament’s visual style by changing your brand book. Speakers Oleh Humeniuk, General Manager at WePlay! Esports Anton Gribovskiy, VP Sales & Marketing at WePlay! Esports   Presented by WePlay! Esports
14:00 - 14:45
The Esports Betting Boom - How esports has provided a lifeline for European sports betting operators Details: With the current downtime in sports, esports has proven to be an invaluable source of revenue for betting operators worldwide. With huge increases in player and betting volumes seen across esports markets. Without esports, some operators may have struggled to offer enough action on their sportsbook. But what have been the key take-aways from this esports betting boom? Who have been the winners and losers? And what can we expect when sports return?   Speakers Quentin Martin, CEO, Luckbox Stepan Shulga - Head of Esports - Parimatch Pavol Krasnovsky - CEO - RTSmunity
14:45 - 15:15
Expanding the options - From player focused markets, to new titles, what are, and might players bet on across esports? CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Most Kills, First Blood, Maps...betting in esports can be almost as varied as the games themselves.   With new platforms emerging all the time, some focusing on fans of esports titles, and others on introducing existing sports bettors to the space, there is a lot of innovation and a lot of testing right now. What works? What doesn't? Come and find out from some of the best in the business.   Speakers Phil Adams - CEO - RPGG Media Sujoy Roy - Esports Director - Midnite Adam Savinson - Head of Esports - Betway Marek Suchar - Head of Partnerships - Oddin
15:15 - 15:45
Pinnacle and GRID - Powering esports betting Details: A significant partnership agreement was struck in the esports betting world back in September 2019; that between Berlin-based esports data company GRID, and bookmaker and supplier Pinnacle. They will define core considerations of industry trends in esports and wagering, the role of different stakeholders, and the viability of this approach between these two industry leaders. This will give attendees a clear picture of how they, uniquely, tackle esports betting and data Speakers: Moritz Maurer - GRID - CEO Marco Blume - Trading Director - Pinnacle  Sponsors: GRID 
15:45 - 16:15
ESIC Regulatory Update Details: ESIC Commissioner, Ian Smith, will share an update on the increase in betting activity on esports since coronavirus, the changes in the nature of the games people are betting on and the punters who have entered the esports space in the first quarter of 2020. Ian will also review the slow burn increase in licensed esports betting in the US post PASPA repeal and why this could be a game changer for the whole industry. Speakers Ian Smith - Commissioner - ESIC
16:15 - 16:30
16:30 - 17:00
Viva Las Vegas - How Nevada is warming up to esports wagers In the past six weeks, it's now hard to keep up with the amount of esports events, everything from CS:GO to League of Legends, iRacing and more, that have been sanctioned for wagering in the state of Nevada. This panel will dissect the current state of play in regards to esports betting in Las Vegas, the journey to this point, and what's next.   Moderator Mitch Reames - Journalist - Adweek and ESI Speakers Dr Brett Abarbanel - University of Nevada Seth Schorr, CEO, Fifth Street Gaming  Blaine Graboyes - CEO - GameCo
17:00 - 17:45
Sports meets Esports #1 - Sim Racing, Record Breaking These Sports Meets Esports sessions focus on collaborations and crossovers between the worlds of 'traditional' sports and esports. During these COVID-19 times, we are seeing this now more than ever, but that said it's nothing new. From Formula 1, to the NBA, NASCAR, FIFA, and not to mention the amount of sports teams and their owners investing in, and/or acquiring esports properties, we will explore and hear from some of the most successful.   Moderator: Ben Rossiter-Turner - Head of Esports - Motorsport Games   Speakers Dr. Julian Tan - Head of Digital Business Initiatives and Esports - Formula 1 Stefy Bau - Founder & Director - Init Esports Jamie MacLaurin - Chief Sporting Officer and Co-Founder - Veloce Esports Darren Cox - President and CEO - Torque Esports
17:45 - 18:30
Sports meets Esports #2 - FIFA 20 > Football These Sports Meets Esports sessions focus on collaborations and crossovers between the worlds of 'traditional' sports and esports. During these COVID-19 times, we are seeing this now more than ever, but that said it's nothing new. From Formula 1, to the NBA, NASCAR, FIFA, and not to mention the amount of sports teams and their owners investing in, and/or acquiring esports properties, we will explore and hear from some of the most successful. Moderator Trev Keane, Head of sports/esports, 7F  Speaker Martin Wyatt - Global Head of Strategic Partnerships - Gfinity Seb Carmichael-Brown - Commercial Director - Hashtag Utd  Yinsu Collins - Freelance Journalist
18:30 - 19:30
Sports meets Esports #3 Misfits, Miami Heat and Orlando Magic   Details: When esports orgs and traditional sports teams combine forces, it’s a powerful combination of fan knowledge, innovation and centuries of experience. In this panel, Lagen Nash, SVP, Head of Global Partnerships for the Florida based Misfits Gaming Group will explore their successful partnership with the Miami Heat (with guest Lauren Cochran, Senior Director, Interactive Media) and Orlando Magic (with guest Ryan DeVos, Director of Magic Gaming) and discusses the points of convergence and collaboration when it comes to business development, operations and strategy between esports and their traditional partners.   Moderator:   Speakers: Lagen Nash - SVP, Head of Global Partnerships - Misfits Lauren Cochran - Senior Director, Interactive Marketing - Miami Heat Ryan DeVos - Director of Magic Gaming - Orlando Magic
14:00 - 14:45
Mobile World Domination? The reasons why mobile esports can succeed in the WestDeatails: Make no mistake, mobile esports in certain regions, especially India, China and South East Asia, is well and truly booming. PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Garena Free Fire, and Arena of Valor have sizable player bases and consistent viewership, and moreover, these figures are on the rise. According to Stream Hatchet the four most popular mobile games across Twitch, YouTubeGaming, Mixer, Facebook Gaming have already grown 78% in hours watched since January 1st 2020. PUBG Mobile leads all mobile games with 322 million hours watched this year. With COD Mobile and Critical Force two weighty mobile FPS options in their own right, not to mention the likes of Clash Royale and Brawl Stars, and with high end phones becoming ever more capable of facilitating excellent gaming options, it's surely only a matter of time before mobile esports' popularity translates to the West. Isn't it... Moderator Kirsty Endfield - Founder - Swipe Right PR Speakers: Jeff Chau - Founder - GameGether Akshat Rathee - Managing Director - Nodwin Gaming Patrick ‘Chief Pat’ Carney - CEO - Tribe Gaming
14:45 - 15:30
The future of tournaments post-COVIDDeatails: The global pandemic has put companies worldwide to the ultimate test; but esports is in a more unique position than most to be able to adjust.   From record viewership reported by Twitch and others on certain titles, to records being broken on Steam, and a general increase in coverage by 'mainstream media', the future seems bright for esports. That said esports has still been hit very hard by COVID. The cancellation of major events such as Valve’s ‘The International’ and numerous others hurts the tournament organisers, and teams alike, with a domino effect for the wider industry. Esports companies will suffer a loss in 2020, but arguably they're also well placed to strongly position themselves longer term if they play their cards right.   This panel explores what tournaments will look like 'post-COVID', and how long we should expect online only, to Return To Play behind closed doors, and what this means for all involved.   Moderator: Ian Smith - Commissioner - ESIC   Speakers: James Dean - CEO - ESL UK Nicolas Estrup - Director of Product & Experience - BLAST Jonas Gundersen - COO - Ninjas in Pyjamas Rob Black - CEO - Promod  
15:30 - 16:00
Malta - A new home for esportsEnglish football has Wembley, boxing has Las Vegas, whilst esports has Cologne and Katowice for CS:GO, with League of Legends home in Europe being Berlin.  However, this panel will take a deep dive into Malta, which has opened its doors to esports and aims to offer a home for esports businesses in the heart of the Mediterranean.    Speakers: Ivan Filletti - COO - Gaming Malta
16:00 - 16:45
Content and creating a unique brand - How to stand out from the esports crowdDetails: In a highly competitive and increasingly busy space it’s vital to carve out a unique identity for yourself as an esports organisation. How do you do that? A core ethos, a mantra, a great design and marketing team...of course your content needs to reflect that too.  With people forced to remain at home, the 'at-screen' time for most will have spiked drastically too.. How do you get those eyeballs in a world where it seems everyone and their dogs and cats are now content creators? For esports teams, tournament operators and others it's vital to remain relevant but the question is, how do you stand out and be a cut above the rest? Moderator Adam Fitch - Editor - Esports Insider   Speakers Jakub Lund Kristensen - Founder and CCO - Astralis Christie St. Martin - Gaming Director - IMC Carl Kuhn - Account Director - Esports - Jung von Matt Tricia Sugita - CEO - FlyQuest   Sponsors Presented by Hotdrop  
16:45 - 17:00
17:00 - 17:45
The bubble won't burst, but the dam is leaking - should we expect consolidation in esports in 2020?Details: How much are esports teams and properties actually worth? We've all seen the sky high valuations, and the Forbes articles, but getting down to it, how much smoke and mirrors is there? Yes, esports is huge and growing, and the potential is undeniable, but right now it's a fractured,top heavy ecosystem in which many stakeholders find it difficult to properly monetise and profit for a myriad of reasons. We explore whether due to this situation, we should as an industry expect some consolidation in the near future.  Speakers Dave Fenlon - Managing Director - Media Exchange Group Mika Kuusisto - CEO - ENCE
17:45 - 18:30
Esports as the game-changer for academic educationPresented by the University of Staffordshire Details: Long Public Enemy No.1 of home and school work alike, gaming and more specifically esports are slowly but surely becoming a part of curriculums throughout the education pyramid in the UK. With the recent announcement of British Esports Association's partnership with Pearson for BTECs nationwide, to universities from Leicester to Staffordshire and more implementing modules and full degree programs focused on esports, the appetite is clearly there. How is it being brought in, what are the students learning and how are they being prepared for the working world? Find out here! Moderator: Rachel Gowers - Director -  Staffordshire University London Speakers: Dr. Bobbie Fletcher - Head of Department for Games and Visual Effects -  Staffordshire University London James Fraser-Murison - Director of Learning & Esports Teacher - Queen Mary’s college Josh Williams, Founder, The NUEL
18:30 - 19:15
The future of Collegiate esports - A new frontier for educationDetails: Collegiate esports has seen fantastic growth and support, with leagues and associations across Asia, Europe and of course North America. The latter has certainly blossomed into a would be leader, with multiple leagues and a host of Universities taking this very seriously.  How do we measure its success? Will it serve as the training grounds for future star players? And how will it flourish from an educational perspective, serving as the academy for future; Marketeers, production teams, coaches and entrepreneurs?   Moderator: Caroline Lacey, Executive Search, Global Head of Esports and Video Games, CAA   Speakers: Eric Johnson - CEO - EGF Victoria Horsley - President - Unified Collegiate Esports Association Neil Duffy - CCO - Collegiate StarLeague Chris Buckner - CEO - Mainline.GG
19:15 - 20:00
Esports and Music - the sound of success?Details: Music has been an integral part of gaming since its inception. We all remember the great soundtracks of games like FIFA, GTA Vice City, and SSX Tricky. But the growth of esports has led to new collaborations between gaming and sports beyond tracks playing in cutscenes or blaring out at esports arenas. From news headlines of team investments by top artists such as Drake, Offset, and Steve Aoki to record-breaking in-game concerts within Fortnite by Travis Scott, COVID-19 has shined an even brighter spotlight on the opportunities for these entertainment pillars to work together, as highlighted by the rush of artists to stream and participate in charity gaming tournaments. Why do the esports and music industries work so well together? What does a successful partnership look like? What benefits are there to the recording artist and the esports organizations? Is your organization ready to partner with the record industry, and, if so, how do you begin? Join this panel of record label executives, FaZe Clan’s head of esports, hip-hop artists, and legal minds for a behind-the-scenes discussion that will shed some light on these questions. Speakers: Ryan Ruden - SVP, Experiential Marketing and Business Development - Columbia Records Darren Traub - Partner - DWT Erik Anderson - Head of Esports - Faze Clan


Moritz Maurer
CEO & Founder
GRID esports
#1 Esports Consultant and Insider
Patrick Mahoney
We Are Nations Inc
Tricia Sugita
David Gowans
Head of Creative Technologies, Games & Esports
Christie St. Martin
Erik Anderson
Head of Esports
FaZe Clan
Julian Tan
Head of Digital Business Initiatives & Esports
Formula 1
Adam Savinson
Esports Director - BG Marketing Services
Betway Group
Anna Baumann
Managing Director and General Counsel
Rogue Sports Europe GmbH
Ryan Ruden
SVP, Experiential Marketing and Business Development
Columbia Records
Taylor Heitzig-Rhodes
Director of Talent Management
Evil Geniuses
James Dean
ESL Gaming UK Ltd
Carlos Alimurung
ONE Esports
Akshat Rathee
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Kirsty Endfield
Founder & Director
Swipe Right PR
Anders Blume
Creative Director
Georg Fischer
Marketing Manager KitKat - Europe, Middle East, North Africa
David Martin
Esports Global
Jakob Lund Kristensen
Founder & Chief Revenue Officer
Astralis A/S
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ESI HOF 2019
ESI London was a great opportunity to connect and knowledge share with members of the esports community and industry. It was great to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing esports as it continues to grow from strength to strength.  As more traditional brands attempt to enter this space and navigate through the complexities of the landscape, being able to discuss these important issues in an open forum is hugely valuable as everyone in this space continues to shape the future of esports.
Julian Tan - 
Head of Digital Business Initiatives and Esports, Formula 1
We feel that it's really important to keep educating people, brands and agencies on esports. ESI creates the right environment and brings the relevant person to the table to achieve exactly that; I'm looking forward to be part of their events for the years to come!
Nicolas Maurer - 
CEO, Team Vitality
ESI Birmingham was by far one of the best networking opportunities I have had. The wide range of speakers and topics covered really gives a huge insight into the world of Esports. I can honestly say that without ESI events, I wouldn’t have made so many connections. I had the opportunity to gain exclusive backstage access to the biggest UK esports event. It was a fantastic experience which I would not of had without attending this ESI event. Professional, reliable, networking.
Callum Scott - 
National Events Manager, The Rank Group
Quite simply, ESI, that is both the site and their events, is a great place to promote your brand while also connecting with leaders in the industry.
Kirsty Endfield - 
Founder, Swipe Right PR
ESI London represents a great opportunity for us, as a leading esports solutions provider, to be present and contribute to the conversation and to then positively influence the thinking of others who are learning more about the space.
Martin Wyatt - 
Head of Global Partnerships, Gfinity
I really enjoyed my time at ESI London. In addition to some informative expert panels, it was a great networking opportunity. I hope to return again next year!
Jason Lake - 
CEO, Complexity Gaming
Thank you to the ESI team for giving us the opportunity to speak at ESI Birmingham. It was a fantastic event providing an invaluable amount of insight on esports, which is testament to the strength of ESI's relationships within the esports industry. We are looking forward to the next event already!
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