Brøndby IF expands partnership with hummel to cover esports

Danish clothing manufacturer hummel has extended its partnership with Brøndby IF, a football club in Denmark’s capital region, to include its FIFA team.

The deal will is active now and will last through the 2021 FIFA esports season.

Brøndby IF hummel
Image credit: Brøndby IF

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Under the terms of the agreement, Brøndby’s FIFA esports team will be dressed in clothes from hummel when they compete in tournaments  – and hummel will be recognised as the organisation’s official clothing partner.

Jesper Larsen, Head of Esports at Brøndby IF, spoke on the expanded deal in a release: “With the cooperation with Hummel, we have once again managed to link an existing Brøndby partner to our sports team, which we are very pleased with, and at the same time it is an expression of the community that is among both club and partners. It is great to experience the support of existing partners and be able to include them in our ‘new’ online community.”

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This partnership comes just weeks after hummel announced collaborations with German organisation PENTA and Danish entity Astralis Group, the parent company of Astralis, Origen, and Future FC.

Despite being one of the smaller organisations to field competitors in FIFA, Brøndby’s esports team topped the table in official Danish competition eSuperliga’s inaugural season and finished first at Nordic Masters 2019.

Esports Insider says: hummel’s recent moves signify a concise effort to make a real impact on the esports industry, capitalising on the growing number of fans who perhaps won’t be as engaged in traditional sports – its main market – in the coming years.

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