Flashpoint names Esports Charts analytics partner

Team-owned Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league Flashpoint has appointed Esports Charts as its official analytics partner.

The deal will see Esports Charts provide statistics and analytics for Flashpoint to fully understand its broadcast performance.

Flashpoint Esports Charts
Photo credit: Flashpoint

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In a release for the partnership announcement, Esports Charts states that 64.6 percent of the viewers for the first season of Flashpoint were English speakers. Portuguese speakers made up 29.5 percent of the total viewership, which was presumably contributed towards by the presence of Brazilian team MIBR.

Dan Fiden, President of Cloud9 – a founding team of Flashpoint operator B Site – spoke on the deal in a release: “It’s fantastic to have Esports Charts on board to provide best-in-class viewership analytics to both our teams and our sponsorship partners. The tools and data they provide are crucial to fine tuning our operations to continually improve our content for fans.”

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Esports Charts is in similar agreements with the likes of AllianceFnaticTeam LiquidStarLadder and TSM, providing insights not only for its partners but their competition too.

Artyom Odintsov, CEO of Esports Charts, also commented: “Esports Charts is pleased to join the initiative of our market colleagues and to contribute to the progress of Flashpoint with our expertise and of course, analytical data. Endeavors such as Flashpoint are always commendable and are an example that should be emulated.”

Esports Insider says: Esports Charts does great work for the industry and we’re sure it can provide valuable insights to its partners. Flashpoint is looking to change the game of CS:GO when it comes to esports and it’ll need all the help it can get to topple ESL.