Hitmarker partners with 1,000 Dreams Fund to help more women enter esports

Jobs platform Hitmarker has partnered with 1,000 Dreams Fund (1DF) with the aim of helping more women pursue a career in the gaming and esports industry.

1,000 Dreams Fund is a not-for-profit organization focused on supporting women in the United States of America. 1DF is providing access to critical funding, resources, and meaningful mentor relationships in order to achieve its mission of providing 1,000 talented women in the USA with scholarship funding.

Hitmarker partner with 1,000 Dreams Fund to help women enter the industry
Image credit: Hitmarker, 1,000 Dreams

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1DF runs a unique gaming and esports fellowship program dubbed “BroadcastHER Academy,” which aims to support “high potential” women in their pursuit of broadcasting careers in the industry. The non-profit, which launched BroadcastHER with the support of Allied Esports and HyperX, describes Hitmarker as a “natural partner” for the initiative.

Richard Huggan, Managing Director of Hitmarker, noted evidence that suggested the partnership would bring welcome change: “Females are currently underrepresented in the gaming and esports industry. Indeed, our own analytics show that in 2019 just 16% of our user base was female. This partnership with 1,000 Dreams Fund is the first of several steps we’re taking to try and actively increase female participation in the industry, and we’re delighted to be working with an organization with such a strong record of achieving this in other industries. Everyone at Hitmarker is excited to see what we can do to help female professionals realize their dreams in gaming and esports.”

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The agreement will see Hitmarker staff take part in a BroadcastHER LIVE interview and two upcoming virtual workshops to offer tips on professional development and finding positions in the industry. The company will also work directly with the Academy’s fellows on their applications for esports and gaming roles.

Christie Garton, Founder and CEO of 1,000 Dreams Fund, added: “We are thrilled to add Hitmarker’s incredible knowledge of recruitment practices in the gaming and esports space to our BroadcastHER Academy. Our fellows will greatly benefit from their deep expertise, helping them go for those careers in the industry they dream of and deserve.”

Hitmarker, which describes itself as “the world’s largest video game jobs platform”, has announced several partnerships in recent months to help upgrade its offering. These include deals with the North American Scholastic Esports Federation, recruitment agency New Level Recruiting, social network eFuse, and Brazilian esports job platform VaggasBR.

Esports Insider says: The fact that only 16 percent of Hitmarker’s users are female highlights the striking disparity between male and female representation in the industry. This agreement marks a welcome step towards a more equal and diverse workforce in gaming and esports.