beastcoast selected for Techstars sports accelerator program

Seed-stage startup accelerator Techstars has announced that North American organisation beastcoast will participate in its 2020 sports technology program.

beastcoast is the first esports organisation to join Techstars’ portfolio.

beastcoast Techstars Program
Credit: beastcoast

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beastcoast is to receive additional capital for growth alongside mentoring from sports executives, and it will be granted access to business development resources in an effort to help the organisation expand.

Jordan Filegel, Managing Director for Techstar Sports, commented on the decision in a release: “On behalf of Techstars Sports, I am thrilled to be backing Beastcoast in our 2020 cohort. I was extremely impressed by the considerable traction Beastcoast has made through their smart approach to the industry and relentless hustle and determination, all the more impressive given their limited funding to date.

“Grant and Brian are true experts in the Esports space, and we look forward to welcoming them to Techstars and to introducing them to our partners, including of course Pacers Sports & Entertainment which operates Pacers Gaming, and is excited to be working with Beastcoast.”

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Alongside joining Techstars’ ever-expanding portfolio, 2020 has proven to be a productive year for beastcoast, securing deals with esports bookmaker Rivalry and alcoholic beverage brand Four Loko.

Grant Zinn, CEO and Founder of beastcoastexpressed his excitement surrounding the deal: “Beastcoast is excited beyond words to be part of Techstars Sports’ class of 2020. We were inspired by the dedication to growth that Techstars Sports encourages, and we’re glad to be recognized for our own measured dedication to innovation and steady advancement in this highly-competitive space. Our staff is more than eager to get hands-on with the resources, education, and networking that Techstars Sports Accelerator Program offers.

“Both throughout and beyond this program, we at Beastcoast are looking forward to joining Techstars to further solidify our success in esports as a leading name among esports organizations.

Esports Insider says: beastcoast joining the Techstars program has the potential to yield significant and rapid growth for the organisation. With the additional funding, we expect to see expansion into new titles and further cash injection into the FGC.

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