Mobalytics receives further $11.25 million investment

California-based esports analytics startup Mobalytics has raised $11.25M (£8.78M) for its platform, which advises players of League of Legends and VALORANT. 

There’s said to be over 7,000,000 players that use the platform to receive advice and information on gameplay in real-time.

Mobalytics funding
Image credit: Mobalytics

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The funds will be used to further develop Mobalytic’s gaming assistant, providing better analytics and more personalised data for its users. The startup also plans to hire more engineers and additional product experts in the next six months to achieve such plans.

Amine Issa, Co-CEO of Mobalytics, detailed the next steps for the company in an interview with VentureBeat: “We set out to do the ultimate gaming companion. Obviously, we’re not there yet. We’re only in four games. But that’s where we’d like to be. If you look at the next five to 10 years, that’s the ultimate mission. And that’s why we raised money this time around is so that we can expand the team, hire more engineers, get more product people, and get to that goal.”

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Since winning the TechCrunch Disrupt Battlegrounds in 2016, Mobalytics has secured multiple partnerships with games publishers and received investment from T1 Entertainment & Sports earlier this year. In 2019, the company became a partner of Riot Games’ LCS Scouting Grounds, providing statistical profiles of all competitors.

Esports Insider says: Player analytics on a casual level are becoming more and more accessible, which is only a good thing for the general standard of play. The funds raised will enable the company to further expand into other titles, while continuing to provide analytics across Riot Games’ games, which seems like a solid play.

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