CSL College and HBCU Esports Alliance enter strategic partnership

22 September 2020


CSL College has established a partnership with the HBCU Esports Alliance (HEA) to serve historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

Together, CSL College and HEA will develop competitions, conferences, curriculum, recruiting programs, and monetary support for the aforementioned educational institutions.

CSL College HBCU Esports Alliance
Credit: CSL College, HBCU Esports Alliance

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The partners will provide “advisory support for administrations” for curriculum and academic programming, career development, recruitment strategies, and other initiatives that allow students to learn more about the opportunities within esports.

Wim Stocks, Chairman of CSL College, spoke on the alliance in a release: “The CSL College team is honored to be officially launching this great partnership with the HEA’s ‘The Yard’ platform after more than two years of research and a broad set of discussions with HBCU school administrators, officials, sponsors, students and benefactors.

“The great legacy and culture of HBCUs are wholly inspiring, our goals include bringing support to help build esports opportunities and engagement that benefit the schools and students. This includes competitive play as well as helping students understand and prepare for the many career paths and roles involved in the business of esports and gaming.”

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Just last week, CSL College – otherwise known as Collegiate StarLeague – and its sister company WorldGaming Network were acquired by new sports marketing and management firm Playfly Sports.

Dr. Marc Williams, Commissioner of HBCU Esports Alliance, commented: “We are thrilled to partner with CSL. It is the first and world’s largest year-round competitive league for college students. CSL has awarded over $1 million in scholarships to student gamers from around the world over the past 11 years. CSL is activating with over 1,800 campuses and is the ideal partner for HEA and HBCUs.

“Having the most respected collegiate tournament and educational esports organization positions HEA and HBCUs for great success, and will help HBCUs view esports as a key vehicle to reach educational goals for its students.”

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