Resolve Esports to develop esports performance wear with SKINS

17 September 2020


UK esports organisation Resolve Esports has partnered with sportswear company SKINS to develop esports performance wear.

The collaboration will see the newly-promoted UKLC squad support research and development into SKINS’ future esports-related products.

Resolve Esports SKINS
Credit: SKINS

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Resolve Esports’ first team, female team, and academy lineup will be kitted out in SKINS high-performance wear as part of the project. The parties will also develop a series of content pieces geared towards health, wellbeing, and performance in esports. 

Ilias Pajoheshfar, CEO of Resolve Esports, spoke on the alliance in a release: “As we move to the next stage of our journey, we are looking at ways to increase our advantage over other teams. The collaboration with SKINS provides us not only with the tools to succeed but also an exciting partnership to develop products that benefit players at all levels.

“We are beginning to aggregate the marginal gains that manifest our holistic vision of what Resolve will be. We have a responsibility to our players, and we feel that through partnerships like this we can increase the focus on health and wellbeing within esports. We are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with SKINS.”

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Simon Goodfellow, CCO of SKINS, added: “SKINS has a long, proven history of supporting and developing athletes with their performance and recovery. However, the benefits gained from wearing SKINS garments are not exclusive to track or field, athletes and players of all disciplines benefit from the attributes of our compression.

“Working with Resolve allows us to support the wellbeing of players through effective recovery, ultimately improving performance over time. We are excited by the partnership with Resolve, collaboratively having the opportunity to improve the health and performance of players at all levels.”

Esports Insider says: Securing a partnership with a brand like SKINS is a boon for the upstart organisation. Along with the apparel, conducting research and development, and linking that in with some content pieces is a great way to build a relationship and a brand. 

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