RPM Esports unveils sponsorship with HyperX

07 September 2020


Maltese simulation racing team RPM Esports has announced peripherals manufacturer HyperX as the latest sponsor of the team.

The deal will see RPM drivers equipped with HyperX peripherals.

RPM Esports unveils sponsorship with HyperX
Credit: RPM Esports

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HyperX is the fifth sponsor of RPM Esports, joining not-for-profit organisation Student Motorsport, peripherals manufacturer GT Omega Racing, sim racing event organiser World Pro Racing, and GamingMalta.

Justin Mifsud, Founder and Team Manager at RPM Esports, commented on the sponsorship in a release: “We are happy to have HyperX supporting the team with their peripherals to our elite and junior drivers. Having professional hardware especially the headsets which are mostly needed in sim racing after the wheels and pedals makes the drivers focused during their races especially having comfortable headsets on for long hours during endurance races.”

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HyperX is no stranger to securing sponsorship deals with organisations and has recently turned its attention to expanding its presence in the sim racing scene, most recently joining forces with World Pro Racing to provide peripherals for its facility, offices, and broadcasting rooms.

Sim racing has undergone a significant period of growth in 2020. With real-world motorsport recently restarting, several championships including NASCAR, IndyCar, and Formula One turned to their virtual counterparts to provide an alternative form of competition due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Esports Insider says: With plenty of attention still focused on sim racing, it makes sense for HyperX to expand its presence by partnering with one of the leading teams in Europe.

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