Team Liquid unveils esports training facility in Utrecht

15 September 2020


Team Liquid is working with Dell Technologies to open an esports facility in Utrecht, the Dutch city that the organisaton was founded in 20 years ago.

The Alienware Training Facility, the same name as a similar facility in Los Angeles, is state of the art with all the features one would expect from a leading esports organisation’s facility.

Credit: Team Liquid

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Scrim rooms, health and nutrition resources, viewing rooms and plenty of offices are just a few of the things included in the new facility. Alienware and Team Liquid’s partnership is one of the oldest in esports. With a facility in Los Angeles and now one in Utrecht, the partnership now has two tentpoles of a longstanding relationship. 

Mike Milanov, COO of Team Liquid, told Esports Insider: “At the Utrecht facility alone, Alienware has equipped more than 60 workstations with their cutting edge technology for our players and staff. Additionally, Team Liquid uses a full range of Dell hardware from high powered rendering PCs to large scale displays, extremely color-accurate monitors, touch screen tablets, projectors, TVs and peripherals for our Creative Teams.”

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“Alienware has been a valuable Team Liquid partner for more than nine years, and because of our longstanding global collaboration, we don’t see this as a simple naming rights agreement like you would see in traditional sports,” said Milanov. “Alienware plays an irreplaceable role in our success, providing the technology we need to compete at a high level and grow as an organization. As an industry leader, they’ve been the perfect innovation partner to help bring both the Santa Monica and Utrecht training facilities to life.

It’s not just Alienware represented on the brand side; Marvel also has a big home in the new facility. The American entertainment company famous for the Avengers series has been a close partner of Team Liquid’s since last summer.

“The facility uniquely features many of the other cool brands we work with: Monster Energy, SAP, Twitch, Marvel, Huya and HyperX,” Milanov continued. “In the future we plan to create tons of content in our kitchen around healthy gaming, recipes, tips & tricks in partnership with brands. Our viewing party area has great potential for an experiential partner and we hope to have news around a public Fan Zone collaboration open to the public very soon.”

Esports Insider says: While Liquid has certainly gone global, the organization’s roots sit in Utrecht. There’s no debate about Liquid’s place in the wider esports ecosystem and this new facility will only increase the success the organization’s teams are already consistently finding. Also, I’m so glad esports has evolved past the unhealthy team houses into training facilities with nutritionists and gyms, it’s so much better for player health. 

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