EXCEL ESPORTS unveils brand update with new logo and ‘Power of Better’ ethos

12 November 2020


EXCEL ESPORTS has unveiled a complete brand revamp as the UK-based organisation introduces a new logo and its ‘Power of Better’ vision.


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According to the release, the new visual update is designed to highlight EXCEL’s evolution as an esports organisation since launching in 2014. Moreover, its Power of Better mantra has been described as a “commitment to improve in everything it does” whilst also providing a positive impact on the esports and gaming community. 

Kieran Holmes-Darby, Co-Founder and Chief Gaming Officer, EXCEL ESPORTS commented: “Over the last six years, EXCEL ESPORTS has seen immense growth, transforming from a bedroom hobby into a professional competitive gaming brand with players competing in the world’s biggest esports. 

“When EXCEL was founded we wanted our identity to be motivational, competitive, and allow people to easily support us in-game with the XL tag. As we head into this next phase of our journey, it’s great to be able to showcase our roots and initial passion, whilst developing our brand so that it is fit for our future ambitions.”

As a result of the organisation’s new visual identity, EXCEL has also unveiled a new colour palette, website and merchandise line. Whilst maintaining its traditional lettering, the new logo has been created to represent the brands “forward-thinking approach”. In addition, the logo will not be tied down to one colour scheme, with the design embracing a flexible colour palette.


Speaking exclusively to Esports Insider, Robin McCammon, Chief Commercial Officer at Excel Esports, explained the reasoning behind EXCEL’s new logo: “The new logo is a nod to our past, as we’ve said. It incorporates the ‘X’ and the ‘L’ and we do believe in that dynamic. But it’s also in the simplicity, from a merchandising point of view, from a storytelling point of view and just a very simplistic interpretation of the logo, it does show that aspiration to move forward.

“We’re very proud of the work we’ve done, we love the creativity and the fluid aspect of the colours that we’re now bringing into play here. This could allow us to also maybe break down a couple of other barriers that some might see, whether that’s within traditional sports, with team colours and such. So there’s some good fun to be had.”

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In conjunction with EXCEL’s launch, the organisation has also revealed its new ‘‘Gaming for Better’ whitepaper series, with the first edition being created by EXCEL’s Head of Performance Fabian Broich. The whitepaper, which has been published alongside the brand update, explores how to improve individual performance and live a healthier lifestyle.

Esports Insider says: Whilst EXCEL has been involved in a few rebrandings since its inception, this revamp, as an initial reaction, certainly seems positive. The new logo looks modern whilst also sticking to traditional roots, whilst also looking adaptable to apparel offerings.

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