SoFi partners with 2020 Honda Scouting Grounds

09 November 2020


Personal finance company SoFi has partnered with the 2020 Honda Scouting Grounds, North America’s annual League of Legends amateur showcase event.

As part of SoFi’s partnership with the Scouting Grounds, which is entering its fifth year, all participants taking part in the event will receive a $250 (~£190) SoFi primary investment account. Moreover, the firm will gain a presence on the Finals broadcast via the SoFi Money Moves feature, which provides a live replay of key game moments.

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In addition, the 2020 Honda Scouting Grounds will feature a most improved player award that will be presented by SoFi.

This year’s LCS Scouting Grounds, which once again has Honda as its title sponsor, will remain very similar to last years addition. However, unlike in previous events, the amateur showcase will take place completely offline due to the ongoing global health pandemic.

The main event is set to take place on Saturday, November 14th with the action being live-streamed on the LCS’s official Twitch channel.

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It has also been revealed that the finance company will not only be sponsoring the 2020 Honda Scouting grounds but will also host the inaugural SoFi Meta Melee tournament immediately following the event.

The SoFi Meta Melee, produced by Nerd Street Gamers, will consist of a hybrid series of tournaments integrated into League of Legends’ client. The competition is aimed towards college-aged players with prizes allowing participants to pay for the cost of school.

The four-week competition will officially commence on Friday, November 20th and includes Teamfight Tactics along with two League of Legends game modes, ARAM and Summoner’s Rift. Week one and two’s tournaments will feature a prize pot of $5,000 (~£3,806) whereas for week three and four the competition will hold a $10,000 (~£7,612) tournament. 

Esports Insider says: Both of SoFi’s announcements are notable in the bid to better developing talent in the North American League of Legends scene. By providing greater financial incentives the firm will look to boost the interest of Scouting Grounds to amateur players, whilst the SoFi Meta Melee will provide even more opportunities to young gamers. 

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