Spacestation Gaming takes a shot with Aim Lab partnership

23 November 2020


US-based esports organisation Spacestation Gaming has teamed up with FPS performance and training platform Aim Lab to enhance its player development structure. 

Developed by neuroscientists at Statespace, the platform will offer Spacestation’s coaches, players and its esports community with data and analytics to maximise player performance.

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Spacestation will use the data and metrics provided by Aim Lab, such as fundamental motor and cognitive abilities, to analyse its current players and develop targeted, personalised training routines for its Rainbow Six Siege and VALORANT pro teams.

Shawn Pellerin, Esports GM and Co-Founder of Spacestation commented: “Our players are the foundation of the Spacestation org. Therefore, their development and performance are core to what we do. 

“Aim Lab is a natural partner to help us take an even more targeted, data-driven approach to coaching, training and progression.”

Pellerin will also leverage Aim Lab’s analytics to benchmark and recruit players for the current teams, as well as to expand to more titles.

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The Spacestation team plans to share the Aim Lab performance routines and insights to its communities through the organisation’s YouTube channel and Aim Lab’s video section in-game.

The ‘player details’ series is expected to highlight signature moves, core strengths, and training plans.

Dr. Wayne Mackey, Founder and CEO of Statespace added: “We built Aim Lab to help all players improve across skill levels and titles. It’s exciting to team up with two of the best R6 and Valorant teams in the world to not only provide tools for their players, but to share their training and insights with the rest of the gaming community.”

Esports Insider Says: Aim Lab has been used by many pros casually for quite some time now, so it’s no surprise to see a confirmed partnership between the FPS platform and an esports organisation. Aim Lab has been getting more involved with the esports scene professionally, and they continue to expand by adding more and more organisations to their repertoire. 

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