Team Vitality taps SAP for business development solutions

23 November 2020


French esports organisation Team Vitality has announced a partnership with software and data analytics giant SAP, with the agreement particularly focusing on business development tools.

While SAP has developed analytics tools for esports teams and tournament organisers, this particular partnership appears to be more focused on other parts of Team Vitality’s business.

Image credit: Team Vitality

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Sonia Manueco, CFO at Team Vitality, commented in a release: “We operate more than one business model at a time: we make retail sales via our website, we develop marketing contracts with different brands and we also generate content. It was, therefore, necessary to have several tools grouped together in a single, easy-to-access interface to be able to manage all these activities.”

Vitality will utilise services such as SAP Business By Design, a cloud-based system for managing finances and inventory, as well as SAP Analytics cloud for ‘optimising and accelerating decision-making’. According to a release, SAP’s tools will be used to automate tasks, manage data, whilst also monitor contracts and financial flows.

SAP entered a partnership with Team Liquid in 2018 to harness its data analytics platform, providing actionable insights to its Dota 2 team. The partnership was expanded in 2019 to add Team Liquid’s League of Legends team, as well. SAP has also been an analytics provider for events such as ESL One Birmingham and the EPICENTER Major.

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Franck Boniface, COO at Team Vitality, added: “Thanks to SAP, we have all the components we need to go even further: we want to continue improving our operations by automating all of our legal, quality, and logistics processes. The long-term objective is also to use all the data we retrieve from our platforms, such as Twitch and Twitter, to be able to make the connection between interactions with our fans and purchases on our webshop.”

Esports Insider says: SAP’s push into esports analytics has been interesting, but this alliance appears to focus more on the firm’s bread and butter: business management and analytics tools for all kinds of companies. This continues to highlight the growth of esports organisations as global businesses, not just esports entities. Still, this initial connection could lead to further collaboration down the line.

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