Astralis launches initiative with Universal Music Group

Danish esports organisation Astralis has partnered with Universal Music Group for a new ‘music initiative’, according to a release.

Danish musician Mattis has released the first song of the initiative, titled ‘To The Stars’, which is Astralis’ motto.

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The partnership will also include a new project ‘Astralis feat.’, in which the organisation plans to work with more musicians on exclusive tracks. 

According to a press release, the goal of the initiative is to ‘provide artists from different backgrounds, who share a passion for gaming, a room to play and create new music inspired by the passion they share and live’.

Astralis Co-founder Jakob Lund Kristensen commented on the organisation’s new partnership: “Together with Universal Music, today we have launched a new cross-culture initiative to amplify the close connection between the global cultures of music and gaming. Just like music, esports and gaming knows no borders and does not distinguish between age, gender, religion, or anything else than the passion you share. This is what we want to celebrate by creating a room for different artists to tell their own story, share their passion for gaming and to become an even more integrated part of the gaming culture.

“It is all about embracing the positives of music, gaming, and passion. We want to be an even larger part of the daily life of Astralis fans, also outside tournaments, but we also invite all others, who might not have a close relation to gaming, to come closer and feel some of the passion.”

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As the first artist under the Astralis brand, Mattis said: “The song … is all about fighting for what you believe in, no matter what everybody else tries to tell you. It is about lifting each other up to achieve something bigger than ourselves. For me it is very much what Astralis is all about, and it is my hope that the song will bring people together around a common passion.”

Esports Insider says: This initiative may well have been inspired by the Spotify x Worlds 2020 collaboration; Spotify housed exclusive Worlds music playlists and podcasts in its app, highlighting the crossover between music and gaming/esports. Astralis clearly wants to capitalise on this crossover and feels passionately about doing so. 

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