ESE Entertainment announces Sector Six Apparel partnership

27 January 2021


Entertainment and technology company ESE Entertainment, Inc. (ESE) has signed an apparel and merchandising sponsorship deal with Sector Six Apparel, LLC.

The partnership will specifically focus on ESE’s K1CK Esports Club brand, with jerseys and other merchandise apparel being distributed through both Sector Six’s established supply chain and its own ecommerce channels.

ESE Entertainment Sector Six Apparel

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ESE entered into an asset purchase agreement with the owner of K1CK Esports Club, Pedro Fernandes, in November. By owning the intellectual property of the organisation, ESE hopes that it can ‘rapidly scale and increase the value of the K1CK brand on a global level’. 

Konrad Wasiela, CEO of ESE, commented on the partnership in a release, saying: “Apparel, merchandising and licensing is an integral part of monetizing the K1CK brand. It was important to partner with not only a trusted provider, but a proven provider. We Are Nations / Sector Six is exactly that.

“They have successfully partnered with global esports brands such as Paris St. Germain Esports, G2 Esports, Cloud9 Esports, and have secured distribution with the Walmart Marketplace among other distribution channels. This is a perfect fit for K1CK as we strive to be the next big esports brand globally.”

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Josh Whatley, Owner of Sector Six added: “We are excited to be working with K1CK as a key piece to the European expansion of Sector Six. All of us within the We Are Nations family can’t wait to provide the fans of K1CK with quality product and service.”

Sector Six is part of the We Are Nations Group, which is a global organisation that focuses on the business of esports and gaming merchandise. The company entered the European market in October after forming Sector Six Apparel, Ltd, a UK-based subsidiary.

We Are Nations Group’s existing clients include G2 Esports, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Immortals Gaming and MiBR.

Esports Insider says: ESI Entertainment has already integrated K1CK into its structure through the licensing and management of its professional teams, but it clearly not messing around when it comes to owning the IP. Sector Six is a strong partner in the region, and reliability is greater than gold in today’s unpredictable landscape.

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