LCK partners with DesignStudio to unleash new rebrand

04 January 2021


 South Korean esports league, the League of Legends Champions Korea, commonly abbreviated as LCK, has revealed a new re-brand in association with DesignStudio.

The new look, ethos and attitude has been described by the release as ‘beautifully and emotively packaged in audio visual form,’ as the LCK looks to become the ‘Premier League’ of esports.

Photo credit: LCK / DesignStudio

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Seeking the help of DesignStudio, the LCK felt it was missing some soul and reluctance to talk about the glory of their past. The idea was to ‘forge a new era’ for the league, and to find a way to communicate the stories behind each and every part of play.

With slogans and attitudes such as ‘We Make Legends’ and ‘Godlike’, there are obvious nods to the game itself, whilst also trying to achieve its goal of ‘cutting through the noise of esports’ – seeking to exist in its own tier above the rest.

Sean Oh, Head of KR Esports for Riot Games commented: “LCK is the best esports league in the world and aims to become the ‘Premier League’ of esports going forward. 

“LCK needed to be equipped with the brand power that best matched the league’s status and draw attention not only from Korea, but also internationally. DesignStudio has been a great advisor and partner in getting us a step closer to this ambition.”

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Founded in 2009, DesignStudio have bases situated across the world in London, New York and Sydney, with the firm priding itself on working in partnership with some of the world’s major companies.

The firm is famed for creating the entire brand system for ‘Airbnb’, as well as working to create the ‘Deliveroo’ brand, and revamping the English Premier League.

Photo credit: LCK / DesignStudio

Elise Santangelo, Creative Director for DesignStudio added: “Our collaboration with the LCK team has been nothing short of incredible. Known for creating LoL’s best players, the LCK has the richest history, and continues to set the bar for esports.

“We defined ‘We Make Legends’ – a strategy to match their ambition, honour their past and look to the future, putting storytelling at their heart. 

“Seeing LCK win at Worlds 2020 was the comeback we had all been waiting for – but with or without this epic victory, LCK is ready for a new era. We’re so proud to see this launch to the world.”

Esports Insider Says: DesignStudio is a well-known branding agency, who has worked successfully with some of the world’s top brands. LCK will be ecstatic to add their name to that list, creating a new sleek, modern brand that will be sure to hold an international presence in the esports world.

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