GRID and CSPPA collaborate to enhance CS:GO World Ranking System

08 February 2021


Technology-as-a-service data platform GRID Esports and the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association (CSPPA) have announced a partnership to enhance the CSPPA World Ranking

The agreement will see GRID utilise its data modelling team and statistical metrics in order to ‘bring automation and transparency to the CSPPA process’.

Photo credit: GRID Esports

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The CSPPA World Ranking collates individual CS:GO team performances over a 36-week rolling period with ‘ranking points’ provided across a select number of tournaments. Points are awarded to individual players with the combined score of the five-person team representing the side’s overall score.

Mads Øland, CSPPA’s CEO, commented: “We have established the CSPPA World Ranking with the ambition to promote a more sustainable work-life for players. We highly value transparency of our world ranking. 

“I believe that a transparent, dynamic, and inclusive ranking not only has a positive effect on a player’s professional career but creates value for the entire CS:GO community. The partnership with GRID is a milestone for CSPPA in the continuous development of our world ranking and brings us closer to our aspiration of making it the go-to ranking system in the world.”

The first edition of CSPPA’s new World Ranking, in partnership with GRID, is expected to be launched in March.

Mathias Holmstrøm, GRID’s Head of Data Modeling, added: “CSPPA has created a great foundation that rewards teams and players for their accomplishments in a fair, transparent and consistent manner. Through our technical expertise and data infrastructure we will work together with the CSPPA and its players to continue improving and expanding upon the CSPPA World Ranking system.

“With the amount of information that touches our systems every day and with the backing of the players association this product shines in its objective to provide a fair and balanced ranking.”

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Throughout 2020 GRID Esports continued to secure a range of partners, with the likes of ESforce Holding, Live Media, and Allied Esports all signing agreements with the Berlin-based organisation.

 According to the release, GRID is confident that its growth will contribute to CSPPA’s goal of ‘providing a definitive benchmarking of CS:GO team and player quality’.

Chris “chrisJ” de Jong of Fun Plus Phoenix, on loan from mousesports, spoke about the announcement via the release: “A ranking system should be transparent and fair as it has a huge impact on players’ professional careers.” 

“Players are overall very affected by rankings, it affects the perception of teams, getting invites to tournaments, endorsements, and even elements in the contract. A transparent and fair ranking is important for us, the teams, and the entire community. Everyone should be able to understand how a ranking is determined like it is the case with the CSPPA World Ranking”. 

Esports Insider says: CSPPA’s partnership with GRID will further establish the association’s ranking system. The agreement also develops GRID’s growing portfolio of partners as the firm continues to cement itself further in the esports ecosystem, particularly across the CS:GO scene. 

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