Esports video platform officially launches

25 February 2021


Vancouver-based collaborative esports video platform has officially launched to the public following a successful beta testing phase. allows competitive gamers, colleagues, and coaches to record game footage, then share, analyse, and comment on the same platform. The site’s 2019-2020 public beta attracted over 30,000 users including ‘thousands’ of pro, semi-pro, and collegiate teams. screenshot
Detailed feedback is provided following a Valorant match. Image credit:

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Along with its official launch, Insights’ platform will integrate major UI/UX upgrades and introduce notifications to help alert teams of key activities. Free users will also be given an allowance of up to 10-hours of game recording. For a limited time, teams can earn upwards of $10 (£7) in credits for building an server.

Kevin Ho, CEO of explained the origins of the platform in a release: “We were originally hired by pro teams to conduct data analysis on their team’s performance. However, we quickly realised the problem wasn’t a lack of data, but it was a lack of technology around reviewing and critiquing game footage.”

A typical team’s process, Ho explained, involved recording game footage, uploading it to YouTube, saving notes on Google Drive, then sharing feedback via Discord. Every part of the process is fragmented and unsecured, he noted, leading to confidential information being leaked.

“There’s no platform which supplies all the tools to help coaches get the job done,” said Ho. “ is the only all-in-one platform to allow asynchronous and live review, map and hero icons for strategy sessions, and timestamped comments with drawing tools for frame-by-frame analysis. There really is no standard in place, and the hassle of setting up a review system leads many teams to skip the vital process altogether. Instead, teams can take a minute to sign up for, and instantly have the best game review system for their players.”

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Recent updates to the platform were made in December, along with a new Windows app called Insights Capture. The app is a game recorder that automatically detects game highlights for 13 competitive esports titles. Since the app launched, reports that its daily active user base has organically doubled every month.

“We always knew this was going to improve our user’s experience, but we never realised how much users would love it,” added Ho. “We have teams contacting us through email and Discord, requesting to pay to upload their recordings to” has currently raised over $1m (€707,333) from esports angel investors and will open its next investment round in Fall 2021.

Esports Insider says: Insights’ timing is perfect, considering most teams are still collaborating remotely. Also, a tool like this has been needed for some time, so it will be interesting to watch grow as well as which competitors pop up in response.