Irony Inc. sets up India-based data partnership with Esports Charts

17 February 2021


India-based esports agency Irony Inc. has announced a data partnership with Esports Charts. Irony will represent Esports Charts and Streams Charts in India.

Credit: Irony Inc.

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The data-driven partnership will help Esports Charts deliver analytics in India’s rapidly developing esports market.

Irony Inc. offers all sorts of services, including talent management, market entry and expansion, connecting esports stakeholders, and more. It hopes to ‘play a defining part in India’s booming esports industry’. 

Tushaar Garg, Co-Founder of Irony Inc. commented: “For any meaningful progress, method and structure are critical for the rapidly growing esports and live-streaming industry in India and with this partnership we are creating a win-win for all stakeholders in the South Asian esports ecosystem.”

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Ankit Bhatia, Co-Founder of Irony Inc. added: “With their data and analytics capabilities, Esports Charts and Streams Charts are considered the gold standard in the esports industry. The company is increasingly sought after as an analytics partner across developed esports markets, and it’s time for Indian esports to take cognisance of data in decision making.”

In the past year, Esports Charts and Stream Charts have partnered with other agencies across the world, such as those in Brazil and Turkey.

Artyom Odinstov, CEO of Esports Charts and Stream Charts said: “Any developing esport needs truthful data and analytics to accurately monitor growth and ensure that it is sustainable by keeping the decision-makers informed.

“India is no exception, and this partnership provides a great foundation upon which the Indian esports and streaming scene can achieve a global standing.”

Esports Insider Says: No surprise here to see Esports Charts and Stream Charts continue to strike partnerships to establish key data in rising regions. This deal with Irony Inc. is no different, as the Indian company looks to help grow the Indian esports scene into a global force.

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