Complexity Gaming finds nutrition partner in Dairy MAX

02 March 2021


North American esports organisation Complexity Gaming has announced a partnership with Dairy MAX, a regional dairy council in America.

The multifaceted partnership names Dairy MAX as the official nutrition partner of Complexity, with both entities collaborating on educational activations to showcase the importance of building healthy habits, alongside promoting overall well-being.

Credit: Complexity Gaming

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As part of the partnership, Complexity and Dairy MAX will produce a five-episode educational cooking series called ‘Cooking with Complexity’, where players and influencers learn to prepare healthy meals. 

According to the release, the partnership will also look to focus on optimising player performance and extending career longevity through proper nutrition. 

Mike Konkle, CEO of Dairy Max commented: “Dairy plays a pivotal role in nutrition and athletic performance – and that’s a key message we’re committed to sharing with the athletes, fans, and the entire esports industry.

“Esports are coed, inclusive and engage students who might not otherwise participate in school athletics or activities. This partnership allows the dairy farmers we represent to reach kids based on their interests and work with younger generations to learn about the benefits of diary for mind and body performance.”

The two companies will work together to provide guidance on how to live a healthy, performance-driven lifestyle in esports. In addition, Dairy MAX’s resources and nutrition guides will allow the organisation’s players to gain insights into the impact of nutrition on the brain and body.

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Complexity’s partnership with Dairy MAX builds upon the organisation’s already existing commitment to focus on player mental and physical health. As the sister team of NFL franchise Dallas Cowboys, Complexity has access to the team’s facilities, which includes having the same meals prepared for professional American Football players, as well as a gym. 

Jason Lake, Founder and CEO of Complexity Gaming added: “Through our vision of ‘Esports 3.0,’ Complexity has a long-standing commitment to professionalise the esports landscape and improve overall player care, and our partnership with Dairy MAX is the next step in achieving that goal.

“With Dairy MAX as our official nutrition partner, not only will we add a key layer of health and wellness support for our athletes, but also we’ll be able to share our learnings with our fans and the esports industry at large.”

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Esports Insider Says: Complexity has been pioneering the esports scene in terms of mental and physical health for a long period of time now, so it comes as no surprise to see that trend continue by adding Dairy MAX to its existing partnerships. Let’s hope mental and physical health in esports will continue to be tackled efficiently and effectively.