HyperX announces strategic partnership with Esposure

09 March 2021


Gaming equipment brand HyperX has announced a strategic partnership with esports education company Esposure.

According to the release, the aim of the partnership is to help increase ‘accessibility to education’, whilst also creating an awareness of careers in esports.

Photo credit: Esposure x HyperX

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As such, the partnership will provide an end-to-end pathway for aspiring professionals and competitive gamers through educational programmes and esports entertainment.

Last year, the pandemic’s initial outbreak created an opportunity for Esposure to expand its efforts in supporting the esports community, through the use of accredited online education resources and virtual esports experiences.

Danny Martin, CEO of Esposure commented: “Esposure and HyperX have common goals to generate more opportunities for women in esports, promote education and eliminate barriers that keep individuals from learning about esports.

“It’s really exciting that we now have this partnership that brings tangible resources to our E2E ecosystem and best-in-class peripherals to our arena.”

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The partnership has resulted in HyperX donating branded apparel and headsets to outfit the Esports Learning Center in Texas.  The peripherals firm will also donate gaming headsets to Esposure for its tournament engagement incentives and to equip education partner labs.

Last year, Esposure secured partnerships with the likes of Esports College & Career Pathways and Bolt Global. 

Wendy Lecot, Head of Strategic Alliances at HyperX added: “Esposure’s goals and values align very well with those of HyperX, and we’re excited by the impact we can have going forward together as complimentary brands.

“Combining Esposure’s unique esports educational model with our equipment resources opens the door to create high-quality gaming and learning experiences for individuals of all backgrounds.”

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Esports Insider says: Great initiatives that promote inclusivity in esports are always welcome, and it’s nice to see HyperX get involved in helping Esposure achieve its goals.

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