Kairos Media launches tournament management software

16 March 2021


UK-based marketing and creative agency Kairos Media has launched its own custom-built tournament management software.

Named Kairos Versus, the software enables sponsoring brands to own a gaming-tournament experience through a customisable interface.

Credit: Kairos

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The Kairos Versus platform allows brands and sponsors such as Pizza Hut, Pringles, KFC Gaming and BoostGaming to be unrestricted on competing for advertising space via a ‘white-label model.’

Kairos Versus is the first software to come from Kairos Media, but the company has more plans to launch other tools and products.

Mike Craddock, CEO and Co-founder of Kairos Group commented: “At Kairos we live and breathe gaming so we’ve seen our fair share of gaming-tournament platforms. One thing that really stuck with us was the lack of customisation for brands, with sponsors often having very little space to showcase their identity to audiences.

“We wanted to create something that gave brands the opportunity to really own the gaming space in a user-friendly way, focusing on a platform that is fully branded and not plugged with pop-up ads and limited banner space.”

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Since forming in 2015, Kairos has worked with over 75,000 influencers and over 1,500 campaigns, slowly increasing their reputation in the esports scene.

Jordan Carroll, Innovation Director at Kairos Group added: “Consumers are fatigued after 12 months of heightened screen-time and brands need to adapt in order to cut through the surge in digital noise.

“At Kairos we know gaming and we know how to get brands noticed. Versus is just the start of what we have planned, 2021 is going to be a huge year.”

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Esports Insider Says: Kairos Media has already worked with some ambitious brands such as KFC, Facebook Gaming, Pizza Hut and Epic Games, so to see the company create a tournament software that allows these brands to be unrestricted on advertising comes as a good addition to the market.

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