Super League Gaming extends Topgolf partnership

17 March 2021


Event organiser Super League Gaming has extended its partnership with Topgolf Entertainment Group.

As a result, Super League Gaming will continue to broadcast a series of World Golf Tour by Topgolf (WGT) competitive events.

World Golf Tour Super League
Image credit: Topgolf Entertainment

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Since the Fall of 2019, Super League has produced monthly WGT Live Series broadcasts, which have been viewed in 107 countries. According to the release, 87 per cent of viewers are between the ages of 18 and 44.

Matt Edelman, Chief Commercial Officer at Super League Gaming commented: “Topgolf continues to be one of Super League’s most important and exciting partners. We have a shared belief in celebrating play through fun, accessible, competitive experiences that are brought to life through premium content. WGT Live Series is a perfect example, having become one of the premier live event broadcast series in virtual golf worldwide.”

The success of the WGT Live Series has spawned additional WGT competitions produced by Super League that have attracted brand sponsors including MasterCard and TCL.

Topgolf Director of Marketing, Ashley Groth added: “Super League has helped elevate WGT broadcasts to a new level of professionalism and quality. Extending our partnership into 2021 will bring even more opportunities to showcase the great skill and spirit of WGT players while also producing engaging content for our fans, customers, and partners.”

Like many games during the pandemic, World Golf Tour by Topgolf experienced significant growth in 2020. This engagement was further accelerated by new platforms, such as Steam, adding the title to its marketplace.

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Each WGT Live Series event is broadcast by Super League’s proprietary, fully-remote video production division, Virtualis Studios. Audiences can view several live streams at once, even when players are competing from other countries. The increased engagement last year has inspired Topgolf to increase its ‘commitment to original content creation’.

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Esports Insider says: Golf is a unique mix of relaxation and tough competition, making it a perfect candidate for esports online. One good thing about the global pandemic, and switch to online competitions, is that partnerships like those between Topgolf and Super League have adapted and thrived.