Vodafone Giants partners with Deloitte Gaming

Deloitte Gaming, the esports division of business service provider Deloitte, has announced a partnership with Good Game Group (GG Group), the parent company of Vodafone Giants.

As a result of the deal, Deloitte Gaming has become a strategic partner for the business development of Good Game Group, with both entities working together to improve the data analysis processes of the esports sector.

Credit: Vodafone Giants

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As such, GG Group and Deloitte will collaborate to enhance information extraction from the Spanish esports ecosystem.

Moreover, Deloitte will gain help from GG Group’s professionals to adapt the company’s services to the esports industry. This includes businesses in which Deloitte integrates its technological solutions such as BPM & Robotics, Big Data Analytics, AI and Cognitive or CloudServices.

Felipe Requejo, the partner responsible for Innovation at Deloitte, commented: “This alliance with GG Group means entering the world of esports through the front door, where we can add differential value from our different service areas and collaborate in the growth of this industry.”

While Christian Herreruela, Founder of Deloitte Gaming, added: “We are very excited about this collaboration project, which positions us as reference partners in a sector that we are passionate about and in which we want to be energisers of the journey undertaken by a team at the time to scale your business, or a company that is interested in investing and positioning its brand ”.

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The partnership marks another significant deal for Vodafone Giants with the esports organisation recently strengthening its commercial portfolio by striking an agreement with Nestlé brands MAGGI FUSIAN and KitKat

José Ramón Díaz, CEO of Good Game Group, highlighted: “This agreement represents a huge qualitative leap in order to develop better services for both our clients and consumers of this entertainment format, which has the best growth indicators in recent years ”

Adrián Gómez, CMO of Good Game Group, concluded: “The alliance with Deloitte gives us access to a technology that, added to our knowledge and the data that we handle in the sector, will revolutionise the way we understand our company, our fans, which will lead to even better results ”.

Esports Insider says: These type of partnerships are always good to see. Having a solid way to gather data about the esports ecosystem in Spain will certainly help Good Game to develop a strategic plan to engage with fans of Vodafone Giants and deliver a top tier experience.

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