CSL Esports partners with the Singleton Foundation

North American collegiate esports firm CSL Esports has announced a partnership with the Singleton Foundation For Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship to expand its scholastic curriculum.

Image credit: CSL Esports/ THE Singleton Foundation

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As a result of the partnership, the collegiate esports firm and the Singleton Foundation will debut Venture Valley, a new multiplayer business-building game where players put their business savvy against each other, at CSL Esports’ virtual esports summer camp programme.

“Education is a core component of CSL Esports,” commented Rob Johnson, CEO, CSL Esports. “We engage young students to pique intellectual curiosity that could lead to opportunities in higher education, meaningful careers, and success in life.” 

“Financial literacy is more important than ever,” added Johnson. “The concepts students will experience in Venture Valley can be utilised to augment business, finance, and economics curriculums.”

In addition, CSL Esports will incorporate Venture Valley into its leagues, tournaments and original broadcast content. 

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Shelley Miles, CEO of the Singleton Foundation, added: “The Singleton Foundation’s mission is inspiring entrepreneurship and making financial competence fun, engaging and accessible to all. CSL Esports summer camps get us closer to achieving that goal. We see tremendous value in engaging with young people through games like Venture Valley that help players gain real-world understanding and skills.

Venture Valley shows players how to manage businesses, be their own boss, gain an entrepreneurial mindset, and better understand business financial concepts, all while having a great time.”

CSL Esports’ virtual esports summer camp programme, which is in partnership with Learn2Esport, includes seven one-week long online camps for middle school and early high school-aged students and seven one-week long online summer combines for high school-aged students. The camps and combines will feature six game titles Rocket League, League of Legends, League of Legends – Wild Rift, NBA2K, Madden NFL21, and FIFA21, alongside the Venture Valley initiative. 

Esports Insider says: CSL Esports’ new partnership with the Singleton Foundation certainly helps provide more opportunities during its esports summer camps and beyond. It’ll be interesting to see how many people partake in the Venture Valley initiative compared to the other events taking place. 

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