AB InBev launches TheCooldown.gg, partners with OpTic Gaming

Belgian drink and brewing company Anheuser-Busch InBev has partnered with North American organisation OpTic Gaming for the launch of its UK-based esports viewing party platform TheCooldown.gg

Cooldown enables its users both esports fans and bar owners to seek and request viewing parties in their local bars, as well as setting up their own events. The platform notifies both sides about each other’s intentions and helps them set up esports events.

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As a result of the collaboration, the platform’s launch will be accompanied by a £10,000 giveaway alongside a multitude of prizes, including customised PS5 consoles, gaming chairs and game vouchers. OpTic will also host a viewing party for fans during the Call of Duty League 2021 Stage 5 Major on July 24th at an undisclosed location. 

José García, Esports Lead at Anheuser-Busch InBev, commented: “We feel that Cooldown bridges the gap between the ever-important millennial and Gen Z generations and our bar partners. Esports is booming and thanks to its wide range of games and competitions provides plenty of opportunities to engage customers.

 “Considering the world is unlocking again, it was the right time to launch Cooldown and give gamers, esports fans and bar owners a new lease on life and another reason to go out and enjoy a good match of esports with their friends.”

According to the release, the platform launch is a result of AB InBev’s drive to bring its customers enjoyment and a distraction from today’s slumber’.

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Hector Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of OpTic Gaming, stated: “When AB InBev contacted us with their proposal to bring together esports fans at bars and locations to watch esports together, we were instantly on board.

“Our fans are an incredibly cohesive community and are always eager to support us together, but lacked the opportunity to do so. Cooldown cleverly fills that void for the ‘GreenWall’ and that is why we wanted to contribute as much as possible.”

Additionally, Cooldown plans to host its own esports events, contests and giveaways and allow fans to engage in its fantasy esports league.  

Ovidio Gómez, Brand Manager at Cooldown, added:  “We wanted to give esports fans the ideal event to look forward to after the tough lockdown restrictions. Now is the ideal time to live free again, enjoy our esports hobby in each other’s company.”

Esports Insider says: With this partnership, OpTic appears to be aiming to tap into the UK market. Meanwhile, AB InBev is tapping into a completely new market with a fresh idea, which has the potential to set the course of how esports is being watched to a whole new level, especially once the pandemic is finally over.

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