Ford Models joins Esports Fashion Week

Esports Fashion Group has announced that legacy fashion agency Ford Models will take part in the pilot Esports Fashion Week, set to launch in Q3 2021.

Ford Models will produce a line of original content in and around Esports Fashion Week through its newly launched esports and gaming talent division.

Esports Fashion Week
Image credit: Esports Fashion Group

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Esports Fashion Group launched in April 2021 and aims to bring the concept of a traditional Fashion Week to the world of esports. The organisation was founded by Warren Fish, Owen Fish, Ali Rezvan, and Alex Bienert.

Apparel brand H4X became a founding member of Esports Fashion Group earlier this month.

Owen Fish, Founder & VP of Strategy and Operations, Esports Fashion Group said: “Our partnership with Ford Models provides a real focus on our efforts to bridge esports and fashion in a more organic and natural way. Through Ford’s legacy within the industry and their international team with years of experience in both talent management and the wider fashion industry – this partnership will incite more cross-sector collaborations and provide grounds to grow the foundation of esports fashion.”

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Justin M. Jacobson, ESQ., Manager of Ford Models’ Esports and Gaming Talent Division added: “With Ford Models being one of the world’s leading fashion and digital talent agencies, it was a natural fit for our esports and gaming personalities to work and align with Esports Fashion Week to produce some unique and innovative content and conversations centred around the intersection of esports, gaming and fashion.”

Esports Insider says: Ford Models adds a high level of legitimacy to Esports Fashion Week and is sure to turn some heads in the fashion industry. Apparel brands are partnering with esports organisations at a growing rate. It will be interesting to see how the event unfolds and what kind of celebrity designer attention it attracts in the future.

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