Ingredy Barbi announces all-female Free Fire tournament

Brazilian content creator Ingredy Barbi has announced an all-female Free Fire tournament called Copa Delas.

According to the release, the tournament will be organised by Red Button, an agency that focuses on career management and game-related projects. Moreover, Garena’s streaming platform, Booyah!, will support the tournament. 

Credit: Copa Delas

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The prize pool for the event, which officially commenced on July 16th, is BRL$20,000 (£2837.97). The event is expected to last for 11 days with games being played on Thursdays and Fridays onIngredy Barbi’s Booyah! channel.

A total of 18 teams will compete in Copa Delas with the likes of Team Taty, Naguará, AS, BDL, AmazonCripz, Chapecoense, Arena NTX – Rinos, and TTT Girls, announced for the event. 

Regarding the tournament’s creation, Barbi, commented:  “We know that the official Free Fire tournaments they are mixed, however, we end up seeing few women competing in the competitions.

“That’s why I decided to create the Copa Delas aiming to give an opportunity to the great women of this game, which has been gaining more and more visibility and showing that they can go head-to-head with anyone. In addition, it is the realisation of a great personal dream”.

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Alongside Barbi, the tournament will see Ana Xisdê, Heloisy ‘Uma Noob’ Bello, Suellen ‘Su Games’ Lima, Babi Michelleto, Acelora and Carmen Diaz join the broadcast as casters.

Felipe Christov, COO and Co-founder of Red Button, added: “In the gaming scene, we ended up seeing many talented women with little visibility. We brought this idea of the relay to the presentation of the tournament, allowing the girls to narrate, comment and show their full potential.”

Esports Insider says: All-female tournaments are always a nice way to help develop a safe place for women to compete at a higher level. Having female influencers and streamers to help and engage the scene in that way, will also huge provide a boost to the community. 

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