ReKTGlobal unveils partnership with Pico Get Personal

Esports infrastructure company ReKTGlobal has announced a partnership with data marketing platform Pico Get Personal.

As a result, the two parties will collaborate to provide ReKTGlobal’s partners with first-party data on who is viewing live streams.

Pico and ReKTglobal
Image credit: Pico, ReKTGlobal

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The partnership will see the infrastructure company implement Pico technology into streams that are hosted by its partners.

Alongside seeing who is viewing a stream, the data will be able to show their location, age, gender, and more. While ReKTGlobal obtains the data, identified viewers will receive ‘personalised communication and offers’ surrounding the esport or event they have been watching.

Yaron Talpaz, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Pico Get Personal, spoke on the deal: “It’s been an exciting time partnering with ReKTGlobal as the esports industry begins to shift its views on digital engagement and what can be done with it apart from likes, comments, and shares.

“Having innovative partners makes the rush of first-party data that much more rewarding.”

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Pico Get Personal entered esports back in December 2020, joining forces with Next Level, a North American collegiate esports league backed by game publisher Electronic Arts. Prior to its involvement in esports, the company has worked with Borussia Dortmund and the Philadelphia 76ers to improve its digital marketing strategies.

According to the release, the relationship between ReKTGlobal and Pico first started with the promotion of a live-stream event hosted by ReKTGlobal’s partner, Konami. 

Esports Insider says: By providing data to its partners, ReKTGlobal has the opportunity to broker several sponsorship deals thanks to the additional insight provided by Pico Get Personal. Depending on its success, it may encourage other organisations in the industry to utilise more personal data to their advantage.

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