Alpha Esports partners with Mais Esports

02 August 2021


Canadian technology company Alpha Esports has announced a new partnership with Brazilian esports media firm Mais Esports.

As a result of the deal, Mais Esports will use and promote Alpha Esports’s platform GamerzArena.

Alpha Esports Mais Esports
(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Alpha Esports, Mais Esports

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As one of Brazil’s largest esports media providers, Mais Esports is a distributor of gaming news and information in the country.

Under the terms of the partnership, GamerzArena will become the exclusive platform for Mais Esports’s online events and tournaments in Brazil. The company is expected to host a variety of esports tournaments on a weekly basis.

Furthermore, Mais will use its existing connections to promote both the platform and Alpha Esports’s subscription service GamerzArena+. Alpha Esports and Mais Esports will participate in a revenue split for each paid membership sign up to the service. Both entities will also split the revenue for the tournaments too.

Alpha Esports’s Interim CEO, Matthew Schmidt, commented: “Brazil is one of the fastest-growing markets in esports and with Mais as esports and marketing partner, we believe there is a significant opportunity to increase our userbase for both GamerzArena and GamerzArena+.

“This partnership is consistent with the company’s stated goal to focus on strategic partnerships that we believe will help us achieve ongoing user acquisition.”

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This partnership is one of a number of collaborations that Alpha Esports has completed recently, with the firm also securing deals with the likes of  Oxygen Esports and Centric Gaming.

Eric Teixeirs, Mais Esports’s CEO and Founder, added: “Brazil has a lot of casual and amateur gamer seeking esports competition and with Alpha, we can build something really great for the fans and gamers.”

Esports Insider says: Alpha has made a significant move into the Brazilian scene with this partnership. Mais Esports’s established readership should provide the firm with great access to high tournament turnouts and a host of new subscriptions to its platforms.

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