VIDEO: Samson Oh on why data is integral to fan engagement | ESI Focus

Fan engagement has become a central topic in esports over the last 12-24 months as organisations and publishers look to connect with their fan bases on a deeper level. However, to provide meaningful fan engagement experiences, accurate and useful data is crucial.

On this week’s episode, we are joined by GosuGamers’ CEO, Samson Oh, to discuss how esports data can be utilised to get the most out of fan and audience engagement opportunities, whether that be by enhancing current products and services, creating new ones, providing additional context and building stories, or indeed creating platforms centred around data. This episode looks to provide a brief lesson on an integral part of the industry.

This is the second episode in ESI Focus’s series on Data in Esports, presented by GRID Esports, hosted by Esports Insider Sub-editor, Tom Daniels.

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