ESL forges partnership with Shadow Esports

29 September 2021


Esports tournament organiser ESL announced a new partnership with Berlin-based data startup Shadow Esports (Shadow.GG).

As part of the agreement, ESL will expand the distribution of Shadow.GG’s Esports Widget — a data tool created in 2020 alongside Bayes Esports. Specific details of distribution plans were not disclosed.

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Image credit: ESI | Logos: ESL Gaming, Shadow.GG

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Shadow.GG’s Esports Widget provides a detailed 2D map of the game that can be used as a supplement or replacement of the live stream in addition to other features. When first announced last year, the widget was said to facilitate the curation of data through official channels, computer vision, and 24/7 manual monitoring.

Benjamin Riewe, CEO of Shadow.GG commented: “We are delighted that we have gained ESL as a leading Dota2 and CS:GO tournament host to promote our widget solution and that they have trusted us to positively influence fan engagement with their valuable brand.

Per an official ESL blog post, widgets like the one created by Shadow.GG are even more important these days, as they offer ‘appealing visuals and statistics that help immerse viewers and create a more involved experience’ amid a surge in esports viewership.

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Bayes Esports and are both subsidiaries of Bayes Holding. ESL and Bayes Esports expanded their relationship in March of this year. ESL Gaming began using Bayes Esports’ CARP parser in 2020. The tool enables large data sets to be automatically extracted and structured. Since the parser can extract more data points and in higher quality, it allows media to display full 2D replays live and during the game.

Esports Insider says: In addition to esports audiences, a widget that provides up-to-the-minute statistics could be attractive to bettors. We’ve seen a run on esports data over the past few years, further accelerated by increased esports viewership in pandemic lockdown. Indubitably, we can expect to see even more offerings as data companies compete to offer the best solutions.

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