ASUS extends High School Esports League partnership

Gaming hardware company ASUS has extended its existing partnership with Generation Esports for the High School Esports League (HSEL).

As a result of the extension, the company will remain the exclusive PC and monitor sponsor of the collegiate league for the 2021-2022 school year.

ASUS x High School Esports League
Image credit: ASUS, High School Esports League

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Alongside partnering with the HSEL, ASUS has also been named as a partner of the inaugural Middle School Esports League (MSEL). The company will work together with Generation Esports to provide students across the United States with the equipment they need to compete and to use for work.

Kelvin Jeon, Strategic Brand Manager at ASUS, spoke on the extension in a release: “We are excited to renew our partnership with Generation Esports on HSEL and MSEL and ensure that students will continue to have the tools they need to develop their success within the esports space. ASUS is committed to the academic and professional development of students pursuing esports, gaming, and STEAM-related careers.”

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As part of the deal’s expansion, ASUS will support 5,000 high schools that are partnered with the HSEL to host four tournaments in 2022. Moreover, the company will support the launch of a new programme named ‘Adopting Excellence’.
Nehemiah Odior, Director of Partnerships at Generation Esports, added: “ASUS has been an incredible partner for Generation Esports over this past year, providing our thousands of schools with the equipment necessary to get their programmes running efficiently, so we’re thrilled to have their support again.
“Working with a brand like ASUS, that shares our vision for what esports can bring to communities across the country, makes the work we do that much easier because we know our schools will get the hardware they need to maintain their esports programmes through the school year.”
Esports Insider says: The initial partnership between the HSEL and ASUS has proven to be beneficial to both parties, eventually leading Generation Esports to extend and expand the deal further. With the support of ASUS, the High School and Middle School Esports Leagues will be well-supported for the upcoming school year.