NASR Esports secures TikTok partnership

Middle Eastern esports organisation NASR Esports has announced a partnership with short-form video social media platform TikTok.

As a result of the deal, TikTok branding featured on the team’s newly redesigned jersey. Moreover, the partnership will include content collaborations aiming to engage both parties within MENA’s gaming community.

Image credit: NASR Esports

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Thajudeen Abdul Kadhar, Head of Marketing, Growth and Influencers for NASR Esports, spoke on the announcement in a release: “TikTok is today’s most influential platform for any organisation, brand, or even group of friends. 

“The platform’s growth is astounding, and we are excited more than ever to reach our target audience by working closely with TikTok.”

According to the release, the partnership aims to provide TikTok’s community with ‘exciting high-quality gaming content’ from professional players and content creators.

Hany Kamel, Content Operations Director at TikTok MENA, commented: “At TikTok, we pride ourselves for bringing together communities with diverse perspectives over a shared love of sports, athletes, and the teams they care about. 

“With esports content being hugely popular in our community, we’re sure the partnership with NASR Esports will bring value to our growing sports community in the MENA region.”

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So far in 2021, TikTok has secured deals with a multitude of esports organisations. This includes Fluxo, EMERGE Esports, ONE Esports, Enthusiast Gaming, FIGHT Esports and Tundra

Esports Insider says: Given TikTok’s immense reach, especially among youth communities, it only makes sense for esports organisations to partner with the platform to expand social reach. NASR Esports continues to bolster its presence both in the MENA region and globally and this partnership should help boost these efforts. 

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