Elisa Esports and Coinmotion announce partnership

22 November 2021


Finnish esports company Elisa Esports has announced a partnership with cryptocurrency firm Coinmotion.

Although the two sides did not disclose the exact scale of the partnership, both companies have announced that the deal will look to ‘spread crypto- and financial education opportunities’. Moreover, the partnership will include ‘unique perks’ for esports fans looking to invest in cryptocurrencies across Europe.

Image credit: Elisa Esports / Coinmotion

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Regarding the new deal, Global Partnership Manager for Elisa Esports, Jan Pakarinen, commented: “Coinmotion wants people to make educated choices in investing, something our critical audience appreciates. It is awesome to work together with another company that is based in Finland but has a global audience.” 

This is not the first time Coinmotion has partnered with an esports brand. The company recently signed partnerships with Finnish esports organisations ENCE and KOVA earlier this year. The partnership with ENCE marked the first time a Finnish esports team partnered with a cryptocurrency company.

Elisa Esports is one of the leading esports operators in the Nordic countries. The company is most known for its partnerships with Relog Media, Funspark and GRID, which saw the launch of a Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament series called Champion of Champions. 

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Esports Insider says: Another cryptocurrency partnership is upon us, this time in the Nordics. The partnership between Elisa Esports and Coinmotion clearly shows how the crypto brand aims to deepen its ties with the Nordic esports scene and use the region to integrate itself into the scene.