The Coalition announces end of Gears of War esports programme

Game developer The Coalition has announced that the current Gears of War esports season will be the title’s last.

The company announced that this is due to a ‘shift of focus to future projects’. Moreover, The Coalition has confirmed that the current season will still be played in its entirety despite this news. 

gears of war esports
Image credit: The Coalition

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Gears of War, a long-standing TPS (third-person shooter) franchise released its latest game Gears 5 in 2019. The game’s competitive multiplayer segment was popular in the United States, with esports tournaments taking place since the game’s release.

As with other esports titles, Gears Esports was also affected by the pandemic. This includes its 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 seasons being played entirely online. 

Gears of War shared more information via a release: “This marks the culmination of Gears Esports competition across multiple titles with thousands of players competing in hundreds of events across the world.

“While the global pandemic cut short our plans for live events, we’re proud that through the support of our community and partners we’ve been able to successfully continue the program throughout that time.”

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The last season of competitive Gears of War will conclude in June 2022, with the Summer Major championship. The Coalition will also use the time left to ‘celebrate Gears Esports’ and look back to memorable moments of previous Gears Esports tournaments. The latest Gears of War esports tournament was the Winter Major in February this year. The $120,000 (~£90,000) prize pool event was won by the Kansas City Pioneers.

Esports Insider says: It’s sad to see Gears Esports end. The game was not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about esports, but Gears Esports did gather a tight-knit community and attracted some notable teams, such as the Pittsburgh Knights. The way things look right now, there is little hope for Gears of War esports in the future.

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