EXCEL launches new HQ and announces changes to leadership structure

British esports organisation EXCEL ESPORTS has announced key changes to its leadership structure and launched its new headquarters, XL HQ, in central London.

Tim Reichert, EXCEL ESPORTS’ Esports Director, has moved to the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Meanwhile, Oskar Sisi will transition from Creative Director to Marketing and Brand Director.

Image credit: EXCEL ESPORTS

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The organisation aims to cement its roots in central London with its new 5660 sq. ft gaming facility. However, the organisation has stated that it wants to remain open-minded in terms of using the new space, highlighting that it is made ‘by gamers, for gamers’.

Speaking to Esports Insider at its launch event, Wouter Sleijffers, CEO of EXCEL ESPORTS, added that the venue holds a lot of potential. He said: “We’re open to ideas [about how to use the space] but there aren’t necessarily plans. We want to remain open-minded and let the community and other UK businesses determine that. It’s a space where esports is happening, not just an office.”

As EXCEL moved into its new headquarters, the organisation also announced the promotion of Tim Reichert, who first joined in October 2021. In his new role, Reichert will work closely alongside Sleijffers to further grow the EXCEL brand and its competitive rosters.

The newly appointed COO told Esports Insider: “Moving from Esports Director to COO feels like a natural development and it feels easy to commit to the role. I also have to say, I actually love the people working at EXCEL, they are very talented people.

“This also gave me a lot of confidence to move forward as I know I’m surrounded by strong people, both in the management team and the rest. I think my most important responsibility as the COO is to make sure that our staff and our talent can be the best version of themselves.”

Image credit: EXCEL ESPORTS

Oskar Sisi joined EXCEL as its Creative Director in September 2021 and most recently worked to launch the #XLPlayoffs campaign which gave EXCEL’s community the opportunity to win limited edition items and engage with its talent and LEC casters. Sisi’s new role as Marketing and Brand Director will also include overseeing the organisation’s marketing efforts, as well as leading its brand vision and culture.

Sisi commented: “Actually, I have already been sharing some of the marketing responsibilities with the team in our most recent projects and campaign launches. The marketing and brand department is important to me because it shows our focus. For us, marketing is the way we communicate and what we do for our community. I’m super excited to do it!”

Besides announcing leadership shifts, earlier this year EXCEL also added a few new names to its roster of partners. Specifically, the organisation has struck deals with UK-based companies JD Sports, YOYOTECH and Just Eat

Sisi also revealed that there will be a big announcement at the start of June regarding a new content creator joining EXCEL’s talent pool.

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Esports Insider says: EXCEL has managed to create a vibrant esports hub for its team and staff at the heart of the gaming community in London. The headquarters not only features cutting edge equipment but also a big lounge space for the staff and guests to relax and enjoy gaming. Tim Reichert and Oskar Sisi have shown their determination to push forward with EXCEL and reach new heights by the end of the year. It will be interesting to see the organisation’s next projects and campaign launches – on a local and international level – as well as new additions to its talent pool and commercial rosters.

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