How Mindfuture Gaming is connecting brands to gamers

There is no denying that gaming is everywhere and brands across the world want to tap into the market. We’ve seen non-endemic brands partner with content creators and businesses across the globe and have collaborated on various projects.

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Mindfuture Gaming is an ad tech firm with a proprietary influencer marketing platform that has been offering live streaming operations, streamer management, gaming and esports marketing services for the last four years. The company partners with valued brands and content creators alike to offer their solutions globally.

Why connecting non-esports brands with gamers matters

Monika Wisniewska, Mindfuture Co-Founder and a Woman in Games Ambassador, stated: “In order to predict the future, you have to create it. After being in sports marketing for over ten years, we spotted a huge opportunity in the new space of live streaming and gaming. Clients that work with us to immerse themselves in the space, providing value to the influencers we work with, have seen the most impactful results long term.”

This statement is true for both endemic and non-endemic brands. According to Monika and supported by research influencers and gamers appreciate when something of genuine value is presented to them, and it leads to a stronger positive sentiment towards brands.

Wisniewska revealed that the gaming and esports audience is a key sector for any brand wanting to capture an audience of the future, younger, more engaged, typically harder-to-reach demographic. However, one of the challenges faced by brands in this marketing process is that there needs to be an element of transparency and authenticity. 

As Monika states, the audience is “hardened against insincere short term attempts to cash in on its increased engagement and loyalty to influencers and stakeholders, and favours authentic integrations by brands that add real value over time.” 

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From traditional sports brands like Nike marketing itself to esports audiences, to Sony Music collaborating with Giants Gaming, we have seen some of the biggest global brands engage with the esports market. The company launched a ‘Food for Gamers’ campaign in partnership with Huel in 2020 that was a successful introduction to the gaming world.

Huel previously hadn’t made products targeted at gamers. Mindfuture’s goal is to connect the global audience with brands that add value and work with clients that want to immerse themselves in the gaming and esports space.

Connecting Huel to esports

Mindfuture has been working with various brands for a decade, partnering with major companies like Coca-Cola and HyperX, but it has also educated content creators on how to launch streaming careers and monetise content.

Huel is a plant-based meal brand that is introducing its products to younger generations through the use of Mindfuture Gaming’s platform. The ‘Food for Gamers’ campaign seeks to educate gamers on the benefits of Huel’s products in their day-to-day lives. 

The campaign was launched in autumn 2020 and has contributed to Huel’s successful global expansion. In 2021, Huel generated over £103m, an impressive turnover that speaks, at least in part, to the benefits of marketing to a gaming audience.

Through the ‘Food for Gamers’ campaign, Mindfuture has helped to connect over  570 esports and gaming content creators of different sizes with Huel, which in turn helped to generate over 60 million ad views.

The project with Huel involved connecting a non-endemic brand with the esports audience — something Mindfuture Gaming has made its mission statement. Mindfuture said it wants to continue building successful collaborations between the esports community and non-endemic brands globally.

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