Evil Geniuses partners with HP Enterprise for edge in talent discovery

(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Evil Geniuses / Hewlett Packard Enterprise

North American esports organisation Evil Geniuses has partnered with the enterprise arm of hardware brand Hewlett Packard, HP Enterprise (HPE).

According to the two parties, the multi-year partnership will allow EG to use HPE’s cloud computing infrastructure, granting the organisation better understanding of its data.

The deal will see HP Enterprise provide Evil Geniuses with access to HPE’s artificial intelligence services and solutions, which it claims will give the esports organisation an edge in competition and talent discovery.

EG and HP Enterprise identified three key fields of cooperation: talent discovery, where HPE has the capability to analyse large amounts of data to find emerging players; game strategy, where HPE will help EG “design winning strategies” with the help of artificial intelligence; and lastly talent development, by improving training modules.

HP Enterprise is one of the best-known enterprise software companies in the world, and one with access to immense raw computing power. HPE focuses on cloud computing and artificial intelligence, among other things. It is an arm of Hewlett Packard, one of the oldest computer companies in the world.

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This is the first time HPE is partnering with an esports organisation, though Hewlett Packard itself is active in esports. HP acquired endemic gaming peripherals brand HyperX in June 2021.

HPE is not the first enterprise company to get involved with esports. Networking and cloud company Cisco Systems (and its derivatives) have partnerships with Riot Games and Pixel Bar.

Nicole LaPointe Jameson, CEO of Evil Geniuses, said: “Since 2019, EG has invested heavily in the potential of data analytics in esports. This investment has culminated in EG’s first LCS championship.

“Our partnership with HPE allows us to continue to be a step ahead of our competition and will revolutionize the way data analytics are applied in competition, scouting, and strategy.”

Ivan Šimić
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